From: Marla Weir
Subject: Confirmation of ticket purchase S8LRV98995Q

Thanks for the purchase!
Booking number: 4W3ZPQAC
You will find attached to this letter PASSENGER ITINERARY RECEIPT of your electronic ticket.
It verifies that you paid the ticket in full and confirms your right for air travel and luggage transportation by the indicated flight Delta Air Lines.
On board you will be offered:
- beverages;
- food;
- daily press.
You are guaranteed top-quality services and attention on the part of our benevolent personnel.
We recommend you to print PASSENGER ITINERARY RECEIPT and take it alone to the airport. It will help you to pass control and registration procedures faster.

See you on board!
Best regards,
Delta Air Lines

 スパムブロック日時 : 2009年3月23日 22:00:00 GMT-8
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