Distribution potential

This phrase refers to the possible rate by which malware can spread to another system as defined by its speed or the complexity of its infection technique. We classify distribution potential as follows:

  • Blended threats (i.e. malware that spreads via different means, usually two or more such as email, peer-to-peer (P2P), instant messengers (IM), network shares, social media messenger, mobile messaging apps)
  • Mass mailers
  • Spreads via network shares
  • Spreads without user intervention
  • Spreads via third-party or media such as USBs and flash drives, CDs, and the like
  • Spreads in Internet Relay Chat (IRC), IM, or P2P
  • Requires user intervention to spread
Malware with Low distribution potential has no spreading capability. Malware that requires manual distribution to spread is also tagged as Low.