Healthcare Cyber Security

Protect patient data, devices, networks, and meet healthcare regulations

The threat landscape

With ransomware and other advanced threats on the rise (Trend Micro blocked 1 Billion ransomware attacks in 2017 alone), the FBI warns that healthcare companies are prime targets for hackers, and the FDA cautions that medical devices need improved security as compliance regulations are getting more complex. Trend Micro security solutions can help healthcare organizations improve security before, during, and after an attack.

Keep patient data safe anytime, anywhere

Whether your patient information is on the network, in the cloud or data center, or on your devices and endpoints, we can help keep it safe with central visibility and connected solutions across environments.

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Meet compliance needs

With the complexity of healthcare regulations, you need security that helps you easily achieve compliance in a number of areas, while protecting your information to keep it safe. Trend Micro security solutions can help you with GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other regulatory requirements for users, servers, and networks.

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Hassle-free security for smaller organizations

We are proud to help take the hassle out of security for smaller healthcare organizations through an exclusive partnership with HITRUST on the CyberAid Program and through being a key partner in the collaborative healthcare Cyber Threat Xchange (CTX).

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See what our customers are saying

DHR Health

“Trend Micro always has more features and enhancements to add. I always have the support I need. A real partner will advocate for you, and that’s what I get with the Trend Micro team.”

Tareq Allan, Chief Information Security Officer
DHR Health

Solutions for all areas of your organization

Solutions for the network

Targeted attacks on ePHI have become more common in recent years. With our Network Defense solutions, you can uncover targeted attacks designed to evade detection and stop spear phishing attacks and social engineering techniques. Our solutions identify advanced malware, suspicious inbound, outbound, and internal network activity, attacker behavior and deliver custom sandbox analysis to detect advanced malware.

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Solutions for hybrid cloud

As budgets shrink and productivity needs increase, healthcare organizations are moving more data into virtual and cloud environments. Whether your data is kept in the data center, virtualized environments, in the cloud, or all of the above, we can help.

Learn more about our Hybrid Cloud Security solutions

Solutions for data, endpoints, and
mobile devices

Healthcare organizations have many different endpoints, mobile devices, and an evolving “Internet of Things” connected to their networks. The best protection for this wide range of devices is one that focuses on user behavior. Our User Protection solutions provide interconnected, multi-layered security for any user on any device using any application in virtually any environment and provides integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

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Security for Office 365

Many healthcare organizations are making the move to Office 365 to achieve the benefits of the cloud. Supplement Office 365 security to add the extra layer of protection you need to keep your patients safe.


Technical Report Cybersecurity for Hospital

Ransomware attacks have increased in the healthcare sector over the past few years, and presented threat to PHI, hospital operation and patients. It requires situational awareness across IT, OT and CT

On-demand webinarAddressing Ransomware in Hospitals

William Malik discusses the ransomware landscape, cybersecurity challenges within hospitals, and Trend Micro's strategy to protect PHI and critical operations