Managed XDR

Augment threat detection with expertly managed detection and response (MDR) for email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks

managed xdr

Maximize detection and response capabilities

Trend Micro™ Managed XDR offers 24/7 analysis and monitoring. Email, endpoint, server, cloud, workload, and network sources are correlated for stronger detection and greater insight into targeted attack source and spread. Maximize security effectiveness through a cross-layered detection and response service.

managed xdr

Superior threat expertise, intelligence, and analytics

Our Managed XDR threat analysts are skilled at interpreting data from our industry-leading solutions. Detection, investigation, and threat hunting is optimized by the latest in security analytics and enriched by Trend Micro’s threat research.

managed xdr

Dedicated support for SOC and IT security teams

Our 24/7 service reduces the burden and time to identify, investigate, and respond to threats. Our Managed XDR service can also help organizations wanting to supplement in-house activities to augment detection levels and improve time-to-detect and time-to-respond performance.


Optimized, 24/7 monitoring and protection

Detection expand_more

Innovative detection capabilities

  • 24/7 monitoring filters alerts to highlight those requiring investigation
  • Continuously sweeps for indicators of compromise (IoCs) or attack (IoAs), including those shared via US-CERT and third-party disclosures
  • Capitalizes on Trend Micro product differentiators to ensure customers receive maximum benefits from their solutions’ detection capabilities
  • Leverages cutting-edge detection techniques in development
Investigation expand_more

Deep threat analysis

  • Our threat experts create a full picture of the attack, including a root-cause analysis, attack vector, dwell time, spread, and impact summary
  • Analysts synthesize data into actionable insights, leveraging global threat research
  • Customers receive detailed incident reports and can work directly with analysts during the investigation process
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Step-by-step remediation

  • Contains threats and automatically generates IoCs to prevent future attacks
  • Executes direct response and gives a step-by-step response plan to remediate while offering custom cleanup tools for recovery
  • Continuously sweeps the enterprise to quell threat resurgence
  • Generates detailed incident reports and regular executive reporting on security posture

Extended value

Managed XDR services are part of our Trend Service One™ offering, which includes 24/7/365 premium support and incident response services for support across the product and customer lifecycle. Trend Service One is designed to be an end-to-end services umbrella.

Customer successes
"Using Managed XDR, an educational institution’s security team observed nearly 60 million events were distilled to approximately 11,000 high-severity events, resulting in “massive value.""
Security Team
at Educational Institution
Customer successes
"I estimate it would be 5x to 6x more expensive if we tried to use our own employees and less effective at the same time."
Cybersecurity Administrator
at Local Government Agency

The Choice is Clear

See how Trend leads the pack with unparalleled threat detection and response. Trend's 100% detection coverage, real-time telemetry, and global customer base protects thousands of organizations worldwide. Discover why Trend is the top choice for 24/7 threat monitoring, detection, and response.


Propel business objectives with Trend Vision One™

According to ESG, organizations with Trend Vision One:

  • 2.43 million average cost savings from improvement in customer churn
  • 1.3 million average cost savings from alleviated risk exposure
  • 65% reduction of dwell time
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