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Learn from our product and cybersecurity experts.
Deepen your knowledge. Build your skills.

Keep up with the latest product developments

With Trend Micro product certifications, you have the skills to deploy and manage our leading security solutions.

Training that suits your needs

On-demand or in a classroom – whatever your interest – we have the right courses for you.

Learn how to protect against the latest attacks

By sharpening your skills, you are in a position to better detect and respond to the latest attacks.

Explore on-demand training

Self-paced, online training covers a broad range of cybersecurity and Trend Micro-relevant topics

  • Learn at your pace, anywhere, anytime
  • Access the easy-to-search training catalog with a broad selection of expert-created training
  • Get training on Trend Micro, cybersecurity, the latest threats, and more
  • Suitable for those in sales/pre-sales, marketing, administrator, and support roles

Get product certified

Classroom-based product certification for Trend Micro Deep Security, Deep Discovery, TippingPoint, and Apex One.

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Login to the Partner Portal first, then click on “Education” from the menu bar


Login to My Support first, then click on “My Training”


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