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Struggling to manage cybersecurity risk when users, applications, and devices are everywhere?

In today’s virtual, highly mobile workforce, users demand choice in applications and how they use them to do their jobs. This can erase your enterprise’s borders and hinder your ability to manage risk. Protecting and gaining expanded visibility of this ever-changing attack surface can feel like a losing battle.


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Don’t let users become threat footholds

Adversaries understand the challenges you face securing users in a rapidly changing workplace. They’re prepared to exploit your cyber weaknesses. Unless they’re secured, these gaps can become prime targets for credential and identity hijacking, phishing, vulnerability exploits, and botnets.

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Too many solutions, not enough time

You grapple with multiple security products for identity and access, endpoint, email, mobile, and SaaS apps, along with shadow IT. When these products fail to work cohesively, this can create gaps in your visibility and security, overwhelming your security operations team and increasing the risk of a successful attack.


Maintain visibility and control

Our unified cybersecurity platform Trend Vision One™ mitigates risk from your users and the tools they rely on to be productive, wherever they are. With identity, endpoint, email, mobile, web protection, and security for both sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS apps, we secure your user’s entire tech stack.

See what you’re missing

Discover internal and external assets with attack surface risk management to know exactly what you need to protect. Every asset’s risk profile is dynamically assessed, helping you understand your cyber risk posture to drive mitigation actions and stop breaches before they happen.

Streamline with XDR

Stop threats quickly while minimizing business disruption and costs with early and rapid detection. Activity and detection data from every Trend Micro security layer, as well as third-party security products, are correlated and analyzed by XDR. This identifies complex, multi-step attacks and provides earlier warnings of incidents with fewer alerts.

Connect securely

Track risk profiles and adapt to better protect your environments. Trend Vision One offers a secure access service edge (SASE) that delivers continuous risk assessment of the connections between users, devices, and applications. Enable real-time, zero trust-based access control decisions and full visibility into sensitive corporate data.

Protect users anywhere

Prevent breaches without requiring any action by your SOC. Trend Vision One delivers market-leading protection for your users on any device, any application, anywhere, with minimal impact on performance or the user experience. And because your IT environment is always evolving, there are flexible on-premises and SaaS deployment models available.

Enterprises estimate they have only 62% visibility of their total attack surface. Get the full picture.

Market-leading performance

What customer says
"United Arab Bank’s security transformation shows how banks can leverage Trend Micro’s security integration and automation to defend against cyber threats, enhance business processes, and keep customers’ trust."
Ayman AlQudsi,
Chief Information Officer
What customer says
"It’s better to work with one platform, one technology and one vendor which has control over multiple different environments."
Amjad Khan,
Infrastructure Engineer
What customer says
"A lot of good things happen with a multilayered security infrastructure—from greater efficiency and scalability to peace of mind that our system and data are protected."
Frank Bunton,
Vice President and CISO

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Unified purpose-built XDR, attack surface risk management, and zero-trust capabilities.


Propel your SOC team

Drive better SOC outcomes and relief from alert overload with expert assistance.

Trend Micro One

The power of a single cybersecurity platform

Better understand, communicate, and mitigate cyber risk across your enterprise with Trend Vision One.

Trend Micro One

Mapping the digital attack surface

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