The Power of

Human Connections

Discover the impact of the human touch – in our customers’ own words – and see how Trenders keep you at the center of our business.

Everyone at Trend Micro is so knowledgeable, empowered, and enthusiastic. I haven’t met a single person in the organization who hasn’t exceeded my expectations.”

Amanda Tremble
Vice President and Information Systems Supervisor, Community National Bank


Delivering the human touch
Eva Chen, Trend Micro co-founder and CEO, shares how Trenders bring the human touch to cybersecurity.

Hundreds of Stories – One Common Thread
While every customer story is different, one common thread runs through them all: It’s the people behind the solution who make the difference.

What's a Trender Made of?
"When empowered to create real, human connections and place customers first, a good, technically qualified person transforms into the rarest of business-world superheroes: A Trender."