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File Security

Security for files and cloud object services

File Security
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Cloud object malware scanning

Scan objects/files across your environment in any application – on premises or in the cloud – including AWS S3, Elastic File System, FSx, and more.

Detect and triage malware integrated with your workflows with support across cloud storage platforms.

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Secure your data

Maintain data sovereignty with native scanning, ensuring files uploaded to your environment, stay in your environment.

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Insightful scanning, instantly

Take advantage of faster, automated malware scanning via the latest file reputation and variant protection technologies, backed by our leading threat research.


Protect application workflow and cloud storage against advanced threats

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Extend your CNAPP approach

Cloud-native applications rely primarily on cloud file/object services as part of their workflow, facilitating new attack vectors. Detect and remediate malware with protection that integrates into your customer workflows with support across all applications.

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File Security:

  • Gives you flexibility by enabling workflow integration
  • Automates file scanning that is triggered whenever new files are uploaded or existing files are changed
  • Provides flexible deployment using AWS CloudFormation templates, or through software development kit (SDK) implementation or the command line interface (CLI)
  • Supports event-driven architectures
  • Utilizes machine learning coverage, increasing malware detection rates with expanded capabilities designed to detect new , novel threats via SDK deployment
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Take advantage of:

  • Easy deployment for coverage across all of your applications
  • Serverless architecture for easy, fast deployment and efficient operations
  • Flexible implementation options

Decrease threat vectors with malware scanning

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File reputation

Block known harmful files using Trend Micro anti-malware signatures on all types of malware – viruses, Trojans, spyware, and more.

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Variant protection

Look for obfuscated or polymorphic malware variants via fragments of previously seen malware and detection algorithms.

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Extensive flexibility

Trusted scanning support for files regardless of size or type — .BIN, .EXE, .JPEG, .MP4, .PDF, .TXT, .ZIP, and more.

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Advanced intel

More than 30 years of cyber threat experience, protecting thousands of organizations with the most advanced modern research.


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