IoT Security

Internet of things (IoT)security is the practice of securing IoT devices and the network these devices use. Its primary goals are to maintain the privacy of users and confidentiality of data, ensure the security of devices and other related infrastructures, and allow the IoT ecosystem to function smoothly. IoT security is a broad topic, but a necessary one. The IoT is a broad field in itself as it involves adding internet connectivity to “things” or devices that have specific functions, which has proven to have an expansive and ever-growing range of applications.

However, each connected device widens the attack surface and increases the opportunity for cyberattacks. The IoT can be a tempting target for cybercriminals as it is a trove of rich data; is relied on for essential functions; and is implemented in critical industries. The field of IoT already contends with vulnerabilities and face attacks like distributed denial of service (DDoS), malware infection, and data breaches. These threats highlight the need for developing strong IoT security. Strategies, practices, and tools that comprise IoT security continue to improve in order to keep up with a still evolving technology.