Trend Micro i Snyk Significantly
Rozszerzają współpracę partnerską
w celu wyeliminowania zagrożeń
związanych z rozwojem oprogramowania typu open source

Wspólne rozwiązanie wypełnia lukę między DevOps i
zespołami ds. bezpieczeństwa

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Trend Micro otrzymuje tytuł
Tytuł Global Cybersecurity Channel „Champion”
od Canalys

Global Cybersecurity Leadership Matrix jest wyrazem uznania dla zaangażowania firmy Trend Micro w rozwój kanału

Windows® Mac® AndroidTM iOS new Power Up

Blog firmowy

Celebrating the success of Partner of the Year Softcat

by James Munroe At Trend Micro we understand the critical role our channel partners play in helping us to secure the connected world. We’re lucky over the years to have built an ecosystem of outstanding companies in the UK, all committed to achieving this outcome, and driving lasting commercial success. We’re delighted to announce that

Mar 04, 2021

Keeping Hampshire Fire and Rescue Safe from Cyber Risks

by Antony Taliana Hampshire’s firefighters are usually the ones protecting the local community from unexpected danger. But two years ago, it was the service itself that needed expert help, when it became clear that a migration to Office 365 may create serious cyber security gaps.  Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Complete and Deep Discovery Inspector (DDI)

Feb 08, 2021

Global Trend Micro Study Finds Cloud Migration Challenges for Healthcare Organizations

by Bharat Mistry Few organisations have been placed under pressure as extreme over the past year as those working in healthcare. In many cases, this has been a catalyst for rapid digital transformation. Yet with healthcare organisations (HCOs) stretched to the limit, security gaps inevitably appear in systems that support life-saving work on the COVID-19

Feb 04, 2021

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