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We use Trend Micro™ Managed XDR for rapid response to end-user computing and security concerns.

It allows us to work from a single console instead of having to use four or five separate tools to maintain the same level of security.


We use the risk index to evaluate ourselves holistically, including our performance against best practices and security, as well as our performance against other healthcare systems around the world. This allows us to identify areas where we may have vulnerabilities or where we are particularly strong so that we can focus on improving in the areas where we need to


We are using Managed XDR on our endpoint and server infrastructure. The coverage is extremely important to our organization. Managed XDR provides us with centralized visibility and management across protection layers.

The biggest advantage of Managed XDR is that it has helped decrease our time to detect and respond to threats by around 50 percent.


Trend Micro’s Managed XDR service has significantly reduced our team’s workload by nearly 50 percent, providing a big improvement in our overall threat intelligence and endpoint security

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