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Summit Carbon Solutions secures green startup infrastructure thanks to the


Accommodates dynamic growth | Enables pure multi-cloud environment | Supports IoT imperatives

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The insight

As the world’s largest fully integrated carbon capture and sequestration platform, Summit Carbon Solutions is quickly adapting to rapid growth by finding the right partnerships. CIO and Jason Cradit chose Trend Micro because he was confident in the unique, personal level of support Trenders delivers.

Chief Information Officer, Summit Carbon Solutions
Jason Cradit

Trenders choose to be a partner, rather than just a vendor. They work with us to find solutions to our business challenges and always make it feel like we’re in this together.

Jason Cradit

Chief Information Officer, Summit Carbon Solutions


The experience

Trend Micro proved to be a flexible and eager partner through the company’s meteoric growth, helping Cradit achieve a level of security sophistication that enables agility and impresses investors. Trenders fully supported and enabled Summit Carbon Solutions’ expansion goals.

It’s important to have a security vendor that innovates at our pace. That’s why we chose a partner that could grow with us, giving us a sense of peace that we’re always secure.

Jason Cradit

Chief Information Officer, Summit Carbon Solutions

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The Trender

Through Cradit’s past partnerships with Trend Micro, he discovered their unique position when it comes to customer support. Trender Rheena DeGuzman not only took the time to ask Cradit insightful questions, but in the middle of a busy industry event, Rheena introduced Cradit directly to Trend Micro’s product executive to help him solve his specific problem.

Account Manager, Trend Micro
Rheena DeGuzman

Rheena showed that she cared. She took ownership and spearheaded a solution. To me, that speaks volumes. It shows the typical Trender’s customer obsession and bias for action.

Jason Cradit

Chief Information Officer, Summit Carbon Solutions

Fast Facts

Supports and enables dynamic growth

Trend Micro’s suite of products, along with Trenders’ knowledge and always-accessible help, perfectly accommodates the needs of a fast-moving startup.

Simplified security maintenance

Trend Micro Vision One™ integrates the tools needed to monitor and mitigate security threats, even in Summit Carbon Solutions’ complex IoT environment.

Provides peace of mind

With Trend Micro solutions in place, Cradit knows that he won’t be left in the dark about security threats or events.


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