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Ellos Group’s successful digital transformation relies on Trend Micro’s security solutions and its


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The insight

Transforming from a mail-order company to a very successful ecommerce player has had its challenges, and one of the biggest is keeping both the company and its customers secure. Trend Micro has been a partner to Sweden’s Ellos Group since 2005, always helping the company grow and evolve.

Operations Support Manager, Ellos Group
Håkan Carlsson

When you deal with big companies, it’s not often that you develop personal relationships like we have with Trend Micro. That’s something that has really stood out.”

Håkan Carlsson

Operations Support Manager, Ellos Group


The experience

Maintaining security is a necessity in Ellos Group’s ongoing transformation from mail-order to ecommerce and beyond — particularly in the face of escalating threats. But Trend Micro has evolved along with the company, and Carlsson believes that their partnership is key to his company’s success.

You can’t stay abreast of everything that’s happening; it’s all happening so fast. We need access to full-time security experts, and if you can’t have access to all the experts in-house, that’s where a partner like Trend Micro comes in.”

Håkan Carlsson

Operations Support Manager, Ellos Group

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The Trender

Carlsson credits Trender and seller Camilla Weichert with enabling Ellos Group to purchase through the AWS Marketplace. Weichert worked very closely with Carlsson to ensure that the company was able to maintain the aggressive discount it enjoyed.

Account Manager, Trend Micro
Camilla Weichert

Camilla did a tremendous job regarding the new contracts. It was a smooth process. She provides excellent customer service. Her involvement really feels personal.”

Håkan Carlsson

Operations Support Manager, Ellos Group

Fast Facts

Enables industry-leading protection without slowdowns

Carlsson says users don’t even know Trend Micro protection is there — it just works.

Provides world-class security via a trusted partnership

Carlsson believes the relationship between his company and Trend Micro will continue to evolve for years to come.

Simplifies procurement through AWS Marketplace

Carlsson appreciates purchasing through AWS for a cost-effective, streamlined experience.


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