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City of Columbia goes from SOC launch to in-depth forensics with the power of the


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The insight

As the City of Columbia, Missouri, began building its security operations center (SOC), Trend Micro started Senior Cyber Security Analyst, Luke Mason, off on the right foot. In just a few short weeks, a team of Trenders completely reconfigured the City’s workloads for SaaS—and the partnership has expanded ever since.

Senior Cyber Security Analyst, City of Columbia
Luke Mason

Not every vendor makes you feel like you are the most important customer. And yet somehow with Trend, I feel that way. I feel like I am the only customer that they have.”

Luke Mason

Senior Cyber Security Analyst, City of Columbia


The experience

The City of Columbia’s experience with Trend has been a revelation. Past vendors often left support tasks to costly professional services. Instead, a team of Trenders offered hands-on, patient guidance during the City’s implementation of Trend Vision One™. This included detailed guidance on policy management and system setup.

The service that I’ve received from Trend has honestly been shocking. I’m not used to vendors actually listening or providing assistance, but the quality of service I’ve received from Trend has been phenomenal.”

Luke Mason

Senior Cyber Security Analyst, City of Columbia

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The Trender

After migrating to Trend Vision One, Mason casually mentioned his need for forensics to his Trend account manager, Addison Eck. Like magic, a forensics feature appeared in the solution just days later, enabling Mason to perform in-depth investigations without intruding on user machines. Eck’s commitment had Mason feeling like the City had a trusted ally in the world of cybersecurity.

Regional Account Manager
Addison Eck

I feel like Trend takes initiative. I know that if I pick up the phone and call Addison with an issue, it's probably going to be worked on before the end of the day.”

Luke Mason

Senior Cyber Security Analyst, City of Columbia

Fast Facts

Safeguards citizens’ data

The City’s platform approach to security protects critical municipal infrastructure and the data of over 120,000 residents.

Enables comprehensive visibility

Trend Vision One consolidates the City’s security environment into one complete view.

Empowers a team of three to prioritize their attention

Trend automation assesses vulnerabilities, saving Mason’s small team valuable time while securing the City’s IT environment.


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