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Do great things online safely

With Trend Micro Security, you can:


Maintain your privacy using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn


Surf with the fastest protection1 against dangerous websites and malware


Transact using a secure browser, assured financial sites are legitimate


Buy confidently from legitimate store sites and mobile apps


Rest easy knowing kids can’t view inappropriate material


Get the job done without fear of data theft, viruses, and phishing attacks


Allow children to enjoy games while restricting their online time and access to inappropriate activities


Download and upload malware-free files


Connect via email and instant messaging without concern for malicious links or phishing scams


Research relentlessly, knowing you are protected from 250+ million daily threats2

1NSS Labs 2014 2 Utilizing the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network technology

Fully compatible and completely committed

Are you ready for Windows® 10? We are. And we’re completely committed to helping you stay safe when you start using the newest Microsoft operating system.

Best Protection

Fully compatible with Windows 10, Trend Micro™ Security 10 is the most consistent at protecting against real-world threats. This is why it was named “Best Protection 2014.”

Security innovator

We’ve been a security innovator for over 25 years, focused on protecting you and our millions of customers worldwide. With Trend Micro, you can confidently go ahead and do the familiar, do the unexpected, and do great things online safely.

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We’ll guide you through the upgrade process as you go from your current version of Windows to the latest version Windows 10, so you won’t have a lapse in your online protection.

All our security products are fully compatible with Windows 10

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Trend Micro Security allows you to do great things online safely, and delivers:

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