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Addresses an evolving security landscape in a critical sector with Trend Micro


As a leading independent upstream oil and gas company with operations in Australia, China, and Southeast Asia, Roc Oil Company (ROC) understands the challenge of protecting its critical data across regions. Operating across a wide environment, with strong industry relationships and services covering the exploration-to-delivery spectrum, ROC needed to ensure the integrity of critical systems and protect employees from rising threats. The company engaged Trend Micro to secure their environment—and gained a partner acting as a true extension of their IT team.

Having Trend only an arm’s length away ensures that we have the technical skillsets and abilities needed to navigate our security concerns.

Jack Smith

Jack Smith

IT Manager, ROC

Roc Oil


Energy & Utilities





IT Environment

AWS, Microsoft Office 365


  • Improved reporting capabilities with more targeted outputs for senior management
  • Mitigation of potential risks with more effective security solutions deployment
  • Automated virtual patching, helping a small team maintain a diverse architecture with minimal disruption


The small ROC IT team struggled to gain visibility into their internal environment, which made it difficult for the team to detect threats and defend against evolving cyber risks. The company also needed to stay compliant with data sovereignty requirements due to its relationships with joint venture partners in Asia.

“My team and I inherited an environment with many moving parts and very little handover from previous IT management,” says Jack Smith, IT manager at ROC. “In an effort to minimize disruption and maintain the systems we had in place, we needed to ensure that there was a solid level of security coverage.”


“When evaluating security vendors to replace a legacy solution, we found Trend to be the most proficient and cost-effective option, offering peace of mind across various workloads—from endpoints and desktops to server infrastructure and cloud services,” says Smith. “Having Trend only an arm’s length away ensures that we have the technical skillsets and abilities needed to navigate our security concerns.”

ROC’s decision to partner with Trend reflects the paramount need for innovation in Australia’s cybersecurity environment. The evolving Trend security platform resonates with ROC’s commitment to stay ahead of dynamic security risks.

Trend Vision One™ is brilliant because it provides a single-pane-of-glass approach. It’s refreshing — I can jump on and use security alerts at a glance and focus on what requires the most attention.

Jack Smith

Jack Smith

IT Manager, ROC


Initially, Smith brought on Trend Micro Apex One™, Trend Micro™ Cloud App Security, and Trend Vision One™ – Workload Security to gain visibility across endpoints and server and cloud workloads. The company subsequently added Trend Vision One as an integrated security solution, allowing Smith’s team of four to understand the company’s risk posture across its entire ecosystem. ROC also chose Trend Service One™ with Trend Micro™ Managed XDR to increase the effectiveness of its Trend solutions deployment.

“Each month, we meet with our technical account managers for advice on security changes we should make or enforce, the importance and criticality of each, and priorities,” says Smith. “Trend Service One means we benefit from their expert skillsets to mitigate potential risks.”


“The Trend Vision One platform approach has improved our reporting capabilities, enabling us to easily inform senior management of monthly alerts and the company’s risk score,” says Smith. “The threat workbench feature within Trend Vision One allows my team to deep-dive into alerts and trace their origin. Automation and virtual patching mean I can maintain ROC’s architecture with very little disruption—providing peace of mind that employees are covered across older operating systems,” says Smith.

“Trend Vision One is brilliant because it provides a single-pane-of-glass approach. It’s refreshing—I can jump on and use security alerts at a glance and focus on what requires the most attention,” says Smith.

But it’s the managed approach of Trend Service One that’s most important for Smith. “Very early on I said to Trend Micro, ‘I need your help because we want to be sure that we’re using our solutions to their full potential’,” he says. “With other vendors, they get their foot in the door and then they sort of disappear. Trend Micro has always been in contact to ensure that we’re well taken care of and to promote other ideas outside the realm of what we’ve previously been thinking.”

“Trend Micro is constantly developing Trend Vision One capabilities and the value-add allows me to share risk-based reporting with our executives. I can take a snapshot with the alerts and just add that to my reports. I appreciate the reporting capabilities in the platform—it is well laid out and intuitive to use,” says Smith.


ROC is actively exploring the implementation of a zero-trust security framework. “We feel as though zero trust may afford us the ability to further fine-tune our security posture. It’ll also consolidate a number of legacy approaches that we use to deliver services to our employees,” says Smith.

And when it comes time to renew, Smith believes there’s no other option but Trend. “There’s no consideration that I would be looking elsewhere, because I think all our needs and concerns have been met, and I’ve had nothing but a fantastic rapport with Trend Micro,” says Smith.

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