Threat Intelligence

Keep ahead of the latest threats and protect your critical data with ongoing threat prevention and analysis

Key Features

Digital Vaccine® threat intelligence

Digital Vaccine (DV) filters help your organization control the patch management life cycle by providing pre-emptive coverage between the discovery of a vulnerability and the availability of a patch as well as added protection for legacy, out-of-support software. Delivered weekly, or immediately when critical vulnerabilities emerge, DV filters can be deployed automatically to TippingPoint® products with no user interaction required.

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ThreatDV Service

ThreatDV delivers a weekly malware filter package to prevent and disrupt malware activity, secure sensitive data, and optimize network performance. ThreatDV also leverages the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network for IP, DNS, and URL reputation. Feeds are updated multiple times a day with a threat score of 1 to 100 assigned to each entry based on activity, source, category, and threat.  And ThreatDV supports enforcement of user-provided malicious URL entries.

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Develop customized security features in-house, eliminating risks associated with sharing sensitive application information with third-party vendors. You can author DV filters that address threats specific to your organization and applications, accurately defining parameters and triggers that dictate what, when, and how events are inspected. Open source rules can also be imported to extend the value of your TippingPoint solutions.

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The ThreatLinQ security intelligence portal gives you an effective way to evaluate the changing threat landscape and connect the intelligence you gather to specific policy changes. Your team can proactively optimize network security and reduce business risks with real-time analysis and access to real-time statistics.

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Industry-leading vulnerability research and discovery

The Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) was launched to reward security researchers for responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities.

  • Largest vendor-agnostic bug bounty program
  • Over a 12-year track record of securing the ecosystem of critical enterprise-class vulnerabilities
  • Unique insight into the latest threats
  • Strong partnership with affected vendors results in more timely patching
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Machine learning defense techniques

Maximize protection with patented machine learning techniques that predict whether network traffic is malicious or benign. Mathematical models are evaluated against network traffic and TippingPoint makes real-time decisions to immediately and accurately block malicious traffic that emulates known or unknown malware family characteristics with minimal impact on network performance.

Stop malware and protect sensitive data

Through a combination of reputation feeds and malware filters, the ThreatDV subscription service disrupts malware activity, including ransomware attacks, such as WannaCry and beyond, data exfiltration, espionage, and click fraud. The malware filters are designed to detect infiltration, exfiltration, phone-home, command-and-control (C&C), domain generation algorithms (DGA), and mobile traffic.

Trusted expertise

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Beyond Traditional Network Detection

Our threat intelligence is part of Trend Micro Network One™. It enables organizations to monitor network traffic moving inbound, outbound, and laterally across the network and react and respond to malicious activity and suspicious behavior at the network layer and beyond.

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