Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Please refer to the latest Corporate Governance Report for details.

Our Basic Perspective on Corporate Governance

We regard corporate governance as important for continuously improving our corporate value and for fulfilling our corporate responsibility to our stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, business partners, and employees.

We consider it an important management task to respond promptly to changes in the business environment surrounding our group, to strengthen the management monitoring function centering on outside directors and outside corporate auditors, to ensure transparency and soundness of management, and to maintain the reliability of disclosure. We also recognize that compliance is an important issue in securing public trust, and we are working on it.

We have adopted the form of a company with a board of auditors. This is because we believe that the most appropriate form of governance should be adopted in order to realize the purpose of corporate governance, taking into consideration various aspects of the management environment, such as our corporate culture, industry, business type, business scale, and the quality and quantity of human resources available.

At present, our Board of Directors consists of a relatively small number of six directors (including one female director), and two of them are appointed from outside the company to strengthen the supervisory function for proper management of the Board of Directors. In addition, all four members of the Board of Auditors are outside auditors so that they can objectively check the operation of the Board of Directors and the execution of duties by directors.

To ensure that the corporate policies determined by the Board of Directors are appropriately reflected in the actual operations of each customer segment, business activity area that spans dozens of countries around the world, and each business function, the Group's 12 Executives (including 3 female Executives) have been appointed and are responsible for the execution of their respective duties.

Schematic Diagram of Corporate Governance Structure