New ENISA Report Outlines The Need for Standardization of 5G Security

Mar 02, 2021
Connected Consumer Security

Connected devices are predicted to rise to 25 billion by 2025- a quarter of which will be in Europe. With the current pandemic, working patterns has also greatly changed, with 40% of EU workers switching to telework in early 2020. 5G technology is set to further boost people’s connectivity and productivity, which means better cybersecurity is needed to ensure the security and privacy of users.


The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity’s (ENISA) report, Security in 5G Specifications Report, put a premium on the need for cybersecurity for the national regulatory authorities responsible for the development and implementation of cybersecurity policies.


The report also aims to give authorities a better picture and understanding of the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) security specifications and its main elements and security controls that need to be implemented. The paper also discusses the roles of such controls in achieving the overall security of 5G networks.


ENISA’s latest paper provides a high-level overview of the specification and standardization landscape for the security of 5G networks. It also outlines the main activities of various 5G standardization organizations and industrial groups.


Apart from providing a thorough discussion of the technical specifications developed by 3GPP for the security of 5G networks, it also explores good security practices and security considerations beyond standards and specifications.


This report is driven by the EU toolbox for 5G security, mainly technical measure “TM02” which calls on the relevant EU authorities to ensure and evaluate the implementation of security measures in current 5G standards.


According to ENISA, the annual cost of cybercrime to the global economy have reached 5.5 trillion (Euro) by the end of 2020- double the figure of 2015. One in eight businesses has also been affected by cyberattacks. This is why new technologies such as 5G calls for better cybersecurity to ensure that users and businesses alike are protected when using the ecosystem, especially when more and more people have shifted to working from home.


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Author: Ericka Pingol

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