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With the goal of becoming a trusted global leader in managed security services, Eventus fortifies its customers against cyberattacks with a solid security operations platform, expertise, and industry best practices. As a startup services provider, Eventus quickly identified the need for security operations center as a service (SOCaaS) for its customers, partnering with Trend Micro to provide a technology foundation for its services, including XDR-powered SOCaaS.

We have reduced our customers' mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) ratio for incidents down from weeks to hours.

Jay Thakker

Jay Thakker




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  • Amplifies the company’s ability to detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents with speed, efficiency, and clarity
  • Provides a single console for case management, case and ticket response, and incident resolution
  • Automates and accelerates response time across multiple security vectors


As a managed security services provider (MSSP), Eventus juggles multiple customers’ SOCs, acting as an extension of customers’ in-house capabilities or as a completely outsourced unit. This requires switching between multiple consoles and platforms to monitor and manage technology assets. Eventus also needs to reduce the mean time to respond, repair, resolve, and recover assets in the event of an attack and leverage human intelligence on top of its security services.

“We strongly believe in human intelligence. Security solutions are good for detecting, protecting, and alerting various security threats, but human threat investigation is something we also want to drive,” says Jay Thakker, Practice Head at Eventus.

With Trend Vision One™ for Service Providers, our SOC analysts have a multi-tenant view. We primarily use one platform and we can easily switch to different customer views without opening multiple consoles.

Jay Thakker

Jay Thakker



As Eventus transformed from a Trend reseller to MSSP—including offering breach attack simulations, red teaming, security assessments, penetration testing, and SOCaaS—the depth and breadth of Trend offerings allowed it to reduce risk. “With Trend, our SOC analysts have a multi-tenant view. We primarily use one platform and we can easily switch to different customer views without opening multiple consoles,” says Thakker.


Trend Vision One™ for Service Providers extends Trend security orchestration, automation, and response capabilities to MSSPs and offers hundreds of integrations with leading security providers. It also supports SOC efficiency through log ingestion and alerting rules based on log analytics. “We now have ample time for investigation. The enrichment and response part is completely automated with playbooks,” says Thakker.

Eventus uses the end-to-end technology provided by Trend to manage incident response cases for powerful cross-layered correlation with XDR. “As a provider that prides itself on differentiating through services, we can now showcase the Cyber Risk Index score to our customers and highlight what needs to be done to patch vulnerabilities, offering increased transparency,” says Thakker. “Our team also is an early adopter of the powerful generative AI analytics capabilities, which is further accelerating the performance and productivity of our users.”


Trend Vision One™ for Service Providers provides SOC efficiency, automating simple tasks and filtering out false positive alerts. It allows for faster detection rates and frees up analysts to focus on strategic work such as investigating and proactively searching for threats. With a single platform, analysts can manage cases, respond to cases and tickets, and resolve incidents. And if the customer already has an XDR solution in place, Eventus can onboard the customer within two days instead of weeks.

“The technology does the mundane work, and the analysts focus on the strategy, which is more time-consuming,” says Thakker. “Trend has sped up the process so SOC analysts can use their time more efficiently. We have reduced our customer’s mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR) ratio for incidents down from weeks to hours.”


Eventus plans to keep augmenting the security services it provides to customers, including offering threat intel services, dark web monitoring, and brand monitoring. The company is also experimenting with incubating zero-trust as part of its SOCaaS offerings, all built on Trend Vision One™. “We are deeply and heavily invested with Trend. For us, Trend is like family. We are continuously hiring Trend professionals and we are training Trend professionals internally,” says Thakker.

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