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Patch management is a fundamental component for handling vulnerabilities


Keep End-of-Support platforms and operating systems current and secure

Running a legacy system comes with risks when vendors stop providing technical support and bug fixes that may impact the usability and stability of the servers. Often leaving crucial vulnerabilities unpatched and therefore leaving the entire environment vulnerable for exploits.

Virtual patching works by blocking or filtering traffic that can exploit vulnerabilities and reduces the risk that an attacker could gain access to the IT environment. All without making any changes to the actual software or operating system.

Secure the End-of-Support systems using Trend Micro's Virtual Patching functionality

Learn about the complexity of unprotected systems, potential consequences and how virtual patching can help mitigate risks when your systems go End-of-Life.

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 will reach “End of Support” (EOS) in October 2023. This means the platform will become unsupported, with any new vulnerabilities remaining unpatched – leaving many organisations to find themselves prime targets for attacks.

Virtual patching provides automated threat protection, for this and older platforms, against known and unknown exploits alike. Enhancing your threat protection, virtual patching supports improved regulatory compliance, and makes better financial sense than Microsoft Extended Security Updates.

Use our Windows EOS Cost Savings Calculator to see just how much better.

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