Trend Micro Safe Lock™ TXOne Edition

System lockdown software for mission-critical devices

Industrial IoT devices, industrial control systems, and embedded equipment are indispensable to organizations such as factories, health care institutions, and utility companies, as they are used extensively in the daily operations of these enterprises. But these mission-critical devices are faced with a growing number of cyberthreats that can result in costly operation stoppages. Those that still rely on legacy operating systems are especially vulnerable, given that they are likely to be not up to date on security patches and contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. However, introducing conventional security measures based on pattern files and responding to the latest threats can be challenging for devices that prioritize stable operation and run on old operating systems. To address this issue, organizations can opt to control system resources and access, and limit execution of applications and services only to those that are necessary for daily operations. Through “lockdown,” they can prevent the intrusion and execution of malware without relying on pattern files.

Trend Micro Safe Lock™ TXOne Edition locks down system functionality to allow only authorized applications and services to be run on mission-critical assets. It has negligible impact on system performance compared to traditional cybersecurity software, which requires an internet connection, periodic updates, and regular malware scans. It provides control of operational integrity while efficiently reducing the chance of downtime and cost of maintaining resilience.

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