Trend Micro Portable Security™ 3

Malware scanning and cleanup tool for air-gapped systems and stand-alone computers

Contrary to common belief, air-gapped systems and stand-alone computers - such as industrial IoT devices used in organizations in the energy, manufacturing, and health care industries - are not immune to cyberthreats. Such systems and devices are rendered vulnerable by factors such as restrictions on software installation and difficulty in scanning with the latest pattern files. Their very nature of being air-gapped and stand-alone makes securing them challenging.

Trend Micro Portable Security? 3 is a malware scanning and cleanup tool designed for air-gapped systems and stand-alone computers. Shaped like a USB flash drive, it is a portable tool that plugs into the USB port of any Windows or Linux device to detect and eliminate malware without installing software. Once a scan is complete, the LED lights on the tool indicate whether malware has been detected and eliminated or malware has been detected and further action is required. During the device scan, the tool also collects asset information, helping to improve OT visibility and eliminate shadow OT. Its management program can deploy scanning configuration settings to multiple scanning tools, either remotely or physically. It also compiles and integrates the scan logs and asset information from multiple scanning tools in multiple locations, providing a holistic view of all endpoints.

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