Latest US Executive Order Mandates Zero Trust Cybersecurity

May 24, 2021
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On May 12, 2021, US President, Joe Biden, issued Executive Order 14028 in an effort to strengthen the country’s cybersecurity.


This comes after the cyberattack on one of the US’s largest pipelines, Colonial Pipeline, temporarily stopping 40% of fuel supply. The order also comes months after the SolarWinds incident and an attempted attack on the Florida water supply.


The executive order tackles government policies and processes that will improve the US’s cybersecurity posture. The operative portions of the order aim to coordinate government efforts and minimize compartmentalization of cyber risk and attack response within the government. This will be done through the widespread use of the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) security frameworks.


Specifically, the mandate also pushes federal agencies to develop plans to implement a zero-trust approach for cybersecurity.


“The Executive Order helps move the Federal government to secure cloud services and a zero-trust architecture, and mandates the deployment of multifactor authentication and encryption within a specific time period,” said the order’s fact sheet.


According to the order, the federal government should lead and increase its adoption of security practices, which includes a zero-trust security model. This will then accelerate movement to secure cloud services and consistently deploying foundational security tools.


On top of requiring zero-trust security, the mandate also aims to strengthen supply chain security by creating baseline security standards for the development of software sold to the US government. This means requiring developers to maintain “greater visibility into their software and making security data publicly available”.


Additionally, the executive order aims to establish a cybersecurity safety review board co-chaired by government and private sector leads, create a standard playbook for responding to cyber incidents, and enhance the detection of cybersecurity incidents on federal government networks.


The mandate is a significant step toward the modernization of the US’s cybersecurity defenses, aiming to strengthen the ecosystem and help prevent cyberattacks that may cause major emergencies.


As more and more threats emerge, governments need to implement various laws and regulations that will mitigate cyber risks. It is also vital for organizations to follow best practices and use premier cybersecurity solutions to future-proof their cybersecurity framework to secure their operations.


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Author: Ericka Pingol

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