Published new ebook: Manufacturing Cybersecurity Case Studies

Feb 17, 2021
Smart Factory Security

Manufacturing is a large industry that plays an important role in the world economy and is closely linked to our daily lives. They produce a variety of products, such as automobiles and semiconductors, industrial equipment, steel, oil, cement, food and pharmaceuticals. Each company has a different environment and different cybersecurity challenges. Trend Micro classifies their security challenges into four categories based on our experience of helping cybersecurity in the manufacturing industry around the world, and summarizes what they are and what we can support.

This ebook provides explanations of the following challenges and case studies from around the world.


  1. Infrastructure
  • Global Data Center

How do you securely operate a system when cloud, virtual, on-premises, and legacy consoles needs to coexist?

  • Hybrid Infrastructure

How do you keep the performance and security of data centers’ core networks connected around the world?


  1. Organization
  • Compliance

How do you provide reports and confirmation for security audits?

  • Small Security Team

How do you overcome management pressures and handle daily alerts with a small team of people?


  1. Threat
  • Incident Response

What to do when production is stopped due to a cyberattack?

  • Visibility

How can we visualize stealthy and undetected active threats?


  1. Factory
  • OT/Shop Floor

How do you protect the critical assets and network on a shop floor?

  • Industrial Products

How to secure industrial products and provide service with safely?



If you would like to see the document, please download from the link below.


ebook: Manufacturing Cybersecurity Case Studies

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