Trend Vision One™

Break down your security silos and build up your defenses with the power of a single cybersecurity platform.

Why Trend Vision One

Stopping adversaries faster and taking control of your cyber risks starts with a single platform. Manage security holistically with comprehensive prevention, detection, and response capabilities powered by AI, leading threat research and intelligence.

Trend Vision One supports diverse hybrid IT environments, automates and orchestrates workflows, and delivers expert cybersecurity services, so you can simplify and converge your security operations.

Complete and continuous attack surface visibility 

one platform

Unravel the complexity


Organizations average more than 45 different security tools

- Ponemon Institute

39 %

39% of organizations say keeping up with constant change is their biggest challenge

- Trend Research

51 %

51% of organizations are drowning in alerts

- Trend Research

Trend Vision One™ Ranked #1 out of 59 Enterprise Solutions

The extended detection and response platform customers are raving about.

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What customers say
“I like to be ahead of the game, so as a company we think about security early on. Trend Micro fits into that strategy well with their constant innovation."
Thomas Grane,
CIO/CHRO, Director of Technology and Organization

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Your new AI assistant

Discover how Companion helps upgrade SOC efficiency and elevates your team


Faster, more precise detection and response

XDR with Trend Vision One changes the game


Understand, prioritize, and mitigate cyber risk

Attack surface risk management with Trend Vision One provides broader visibility


Extend your team with Trend product and threat experts

Trend Service One™ maximizes your teams' efforts


Better understand, communicate, and mitigate cyber risk across your enterprise with Trend Vision One