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Security for Microsoft Azure

For all your Azure cloud security requirements

Trend Micro Cloud One™, a security services platform for organizations building in the cloud, offers the broadest platform support and API integration to protect your Azure infrastructure across all your subscriptions.

Whether you are a CISO or Security Engineer, Trend Micro delivers trusted, unified security and visibility across your Azure cloud platform, delivering threat detection and response for workloads, posture management and compliance, and protection for modern cloud-native application development and DevOps requirements.

As the global leader in cloud security, Trend Micro helps provide built-in assurance and comprehensive security for your Azure subscriptions, including Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Instances, Azure Web App Services, and Azure Virtual Networks.

We are also a leading Security ISV partner, Gold Member Partner, and MISA Member of Microsoft. Our solutions are designed to work with your specific Azure cloud security needs, and we integrate with Azure Resource Templates and Azure DevOps pipelines when using infrastructure as code.

Trend Micro delivers powerful, flexible, all-in-one security for your hybrid and public cloud needs whether you are just beginning your cloud journey and taking small steps to migrate a collection of workloads, or expanding your current cloud adoption and computing in the cloud.

Cloud migration

Transitioning to the cloud can bring new challenges to already overextended IT and security teams. Join the thousands of customers whom we’ve helped modernize security requirements and implement best practices for hybrid cloud environments, including infrastructure as code and host runtime automated workflows.

Trend Micro Cloud One automates the discovery and protection of workloads across Azure and your private clouds. Gain flexibility and simplify security with traffic inspection, vulnerability detection, and threat prevention for Azure VMs and Azure Virtual Networks.

Cloud migration services

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Capita Software Services

Learn how Capita Software Services is working with Trend Micro as a strategic security partner to protect their customers’ data and meet compliance requirements for their multi-cloud environment.

Cloud-native applications

With the rise to microservices-based architectures managed through agile DevOps processes, modern application designs have surpassed legacy infrastructure. Application-focused security controls, such as security as code and container image and orchestration security, are now required for cloud-native protection.

Trend Micro Cloud One optimizes security of your web applications built on just about any language, including .NET, Python, NodeJS, PHP, and Java. For your Azure DevOps CI/DC pipeline, Trend Micro provides image-based scanning and policy-based admission of container images to your Azure Kubernetes Service.

Cloud-native application services

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Cloud operational excellence

Security practitioners are looking for greater visibility into security, a well-architected framework, and governance of their Azure cloud investment.

At Trend Micro, we enable DevSecOps teams and cloud architects to build a better, scalable architecture and quickly resolve misconfigurations with automated checks and remediation guidelines.

Trend Micro Cloud One has proven built-in compliance rules to check for over 120 best practices in the CIS framework. By meeting the CIS Microsoft Azure Foundation Security Benchmark, this provides stronger security and compliance.

Cloud Excellence Services

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Resources and events

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