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Real-time security for cloud infrastructure – secure, optimize, comply

Automate security and compliance checks

Through hundreds of automated checks against industry compliance standards and cloud security best practice rules, you can continuously improve your security and compliance posture for your cloud infrastructure.

Leverage detailed resolution steps to quickly rectify security vulnerabilities and reliability risks.


A single-pane-of-glass dashboard provides full and clear visibility of your entire multi-cloud infrastructure. Run reports on an endless combination of filters to exhaustively audit your infrastructure.

Save and schedule reports to automatically run and be distributed whenever you need.

Integrate with existing workflows

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows and allows you to maintain full autonomy.

Utilize single sign-on (SSO) solutions, individual access levels, and connecting your preferred third-party ticketing or notification provider.

Knowledge Base and remediation steps

The Knowledge Base is a continually growing library that currently contains 600+ ready-to-go checks that run against your AWS™ and Microsoft® Azure™ accounts, along with simple, step-by-step remediation rules to rectify any failures.

The combination of real-time monitoring and simplified, readily available remediation information allows organizations to move quickly with their cloud migration, DevOps processes, or other cloud projects – without the fear of introducing vulnerabilities or reliability risks.

Cloud One Conformity API

Powerful API

Conformity offers API support across its platform. The API allows you to utilize Conformity’s features seamlessly in your CI/CD pipeline and gives you the ability to have a deeper and more intuitive integration into your live public cloud environments. To maintain security, Conformity users have access to two API keys to allow for rotation with endpoints.

Open source auto-remediation

Some failures are simply too critical to wait for manual intervention. Introduce self-healing into your infrastructure with over 70 controls available through our auto-remediation function. Auto-remediated failures are included in reports to enable traceability and to encourage best practice implementation.

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About Conformity

With the acquisition of Cloud Conformity, the security posture management solution is now part of our cloud security services platform, Trend Micro Cloud One™.

Other Cloud One services

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – Conformity is part of Trend Micro Cloud One™, a security services platform for cloud builders, which includes:

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