Cloud Security Alliance Updates It IoT Security Framework

Feb 04, 2021

On January 2021, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) published the Internet of Things (IoT) Controls Framework Version 2 and its accompanying Guide to the Internet of Things (IoT) Security Controls Framework.


These updated documents explored various changes, including the development of a newer domain structure and infrastructure. These also aimed to make it easier for organizations to determine and execute security controls within their own IoT structure.


The frameworks are developed by the CSA IoT Working Group which also establishes processes and best practices to secure IoT systems. The group also addresses smart city, fog computing, and data privacy.


First published last 2019, the IoT Security Controls Frameworks explored numerous security controls needed to reduce risks related to IoT systems. The controls integrated multiple types of connected devices, cloud services and networking technologies.


The framework is also efficient throughout many IoT domains- from systems processing only low-value data with a potentially minimal impact to highly sensitive systems supporting critical services.


For the latest version, CSA updated security controls, introduced a new domain structure and a new legal domain. The organization also added a new security testing domain and streamlined infrastructure allocations.


Frameworks and security controls are vital in keeping risks away from IoT systems. It is also vital to always explore research and news about current risks and vulnerabilities in the IoT landscape. To learn more about IoT security, read Trend Micro’s latest news, research and studies.

Author: Ericka Pingol

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