Are Your Devices at Risk? Find out with HouseCall for Home Networks

May 08, 2019
Connected Consumer Security

HouseCall for Home Networks is a free and easy-to-use Trend Micro solution that scans your Wi-Fi connected devices and checks them for security risks to protect you from hackers, privacy leaks, and other threats.

The Importance of Home Network Security

Think that cybercriminals never target routers, smart speakers, or security cameras? Think again. Those are exactly the type of devices that DemonBot and MIRAI botnets targeted in their attacks. In fact, all sorts of smart home devices could be at risk of attack, and with so many of them storing massive amounts of data like voice command history and personal information in distant data centers, guarding yourself against data theft is now more important than ever.

Not convinced? In the last year alone, millions of streaming devices, including Google Home and Chromecast, were found to be vulnerable to attacks in which hackers can take control of your device and access personal data. Similar vulnerabilities were also found in DVRs, where hackers can extract your credentials to access private footage.

Unfortunately, you do not have to have fancy smart devices to fall victim to a web attack. Your smartphone or computer could easily be used by hackers to make money through coin mining without you even noticing. And something as common as using unsecured Wi-Fi settings, for example when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network at a cafe, could put you at risk of all kinds of threats.

Introducing HouseCall for Home Networks

Trend Micro HouseCall for Home Networks lets you take charge of the security of your devices with these features:

1) See Connected Devices

Wondering why your Wi-Fi seems slow? Find every device connected to your home network to figure out which ones you might need to disconnect.

HouseCall for Home Networks shows connected devices.

2) Check for Security Risks and Unsecured Devices

Learn what you can do about potential network risks found during a security scan.

HouseCall for Home Networks identifies security risks and devices that need a better configuration.

3) Learn What You Should Do

HouseCall for Home Networks provides a risk report for each device with links to recommendations.

HouseCall for Home Networks explains how to protect your devices and stay safe.

Get HouseCall for Home Networks for free on Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS. Take charge of protecting your home devices today.

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