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Trend Micro has been a proud IBM alliance partner since March 2000. The two companies have worked together for over 20 years to develop, deploy, and manage integrated security solutions in multiple areas.

Hybrid Cloud Security

Trend Cloud One™ Workload Security and Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ software provide IBM Security QRadar SIEM with the real-time, actionable security intelligence for vulnerability shielding, legacy system protection, and hybrid cloud migration. It enables workloads to move seamlessly from on-premises virtualized stacks to public cloud platforms, such as IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft® Azure™, while ensuring that they meet security and compliance requirements.


IBM Managed Security Services Server Workload Protection delivers a service to build, deploy, and manage secure-by-design workloads with Deep Security or Workload Security in modern hybrid data center architectures spanning on-premises, physical, and virtual machines and multiple public cloud infrastructures.

User Protection

IBM’s Managed Security Services Managed Endpoint Protection offers Trend Micro Apex One™ to protect endpoints, mitigate risk, and maintain productivity. This solution provides detection against known and unknown malware with 24x7 support. You can monitor internal and external sources for new indicators of compromise or infections on endpoints and receive recommendations for remediation. These benefits are supported by the comprehensive threat intelligence from Trend Micro, ensuring that you remain protected from the latest attacks.

Both Deep Security and Apex One are offered on IBM Managed Security Services globally.



IBM Cloud Pak® for Security is an open security platform that connects to your existing data sources to generate deeper insights and enable you to act faster with automation – whether your data resides with IBM or on third-party solutions, like Trend Vision One™. IBM Cloud Pak for Security helps detect and respond to threats with a simple, unified experience.

Trend Vision One is closely integrated with IBM Cloud Pak® for Security using STIX-Shifter and other standards. This capability allows you to search across all data sources without moving data. The solutions can query and enrich each other’s data, delivering a unified experience and better visibility and detection.

IBM Cloud Pak® for security orchestration and automation leverages the XDR capabilities of Trend Vision One to quickly investigate, respond, and remediate cyber threats. Plus, these integrated solutions benefit from the collective knowledge and innovation of the two cyber threat intelligence leaders.

Network Defense

Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ and Trend Micro™ TippingPoint™ integrated with IBM Security QRadar SIEM enable organizations to detect and respond to advanced persistent threat (APT) and network targeted attacks invisible to traditional security systems or easily lost in the noise of millions of events more quickly confidently and cost effectively.

We are working towards a more collaborative future through API connectors built on previous integrations between our products, including Trend Cloud One, Apex One, Deep Discovery, TippingPoint, IBM Security QRadar SIEM, and Resilient SOAR solutions.

Alliance Partnership

IBM Security

Both Deep Security and Apex One are offered on IBM Managed Security Services globally.