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Trend Micro Security’s Family of 2020 Releases Provide Enhanced Protections for PCs, Macs, Mobile Devices, and Home Networks

September 10, 2019

Each year the range and subtlety of threats to users and organizations expands, as profiled in Trend Micro’s 2019 Midyear Security Roundup—but each quarter of each year Trend Micro Security’s family of products is progressively enhanced to provide the most advanced protections for everyday users of such devices.

Trend Micro Security’s 2020 Fall Release (September 10, 2019) is no exception and each of the endpoint and network security products has been enhanced to protect you and your family from a widening array of persistent, new, and emerging threats—everything ranging from phishing scams to fileless threats, and from malware and fake apps to their malicious cohorts in ransomware—or through threats designed to hijack your computer for its CPU cycles, or to steal your data, your identity, or your money. Your home network is protected too, with all of its connected devices.

Trend Micro Security 2020 for PCs and Macs lead the way with the following improvements:

•   Fraud Buster. Scam webmail that contains no malicious URLs or attachments, but which is nonetheless dangerous, is undetected by traditional email security technology. Trend Micro's Fraud Buster for Gmail (PC and Mac) and Outlook (PC) webmail has been developed to deal with this type of scam. It utilizes AI to identify the topic and to understand the intention of the scam email and warns you against it upon discovery. You can then delete it with confidence.

Additional improvements on the PC include:

•   Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge. Trend Micro’s Toolbar, which provides Web Threat Protection on websites and in search results, is now available on the Microsoft Store for the Microsoft Edge browser, via Trend Micro Security for Microsoft Edge. With additional protection against annoying or malicious advertising, as well as password protection with Trend Micro Password Manager, Microsoft Edge is now included in the family of browser protections provided to Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

•   PC Health Checkup – Now with enhanced Potentially Incompatible Program (PIP) detection, Trend Micro Security provides additional performance optimization for your PC. Powered by Trend Micro’s advanced technology, you can check for PIPs, security vulnerabilities, and clean up unneeded files to boost your performance.

•   Pay Guard. Trend Micro Security’s protected web browser adds an extra layer of protection when you’re banking or shopping online with Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. You can now launch Pay Guard directly from the Trend Micro Toolbar, so its powerful protection features are more easily applied to your default browser automatically, protecting all the data in your financial transactions, including credit card information and personal data.

•   Gamer-Friendly Mute Mode. Mute Mote lets you temporarily stop non-critical notifications while you’re gaming or doing an important task, so you’re not distracted. Game compatibility has been enhanced, now providing auto-enablement, and you can now set a specific time limit for Mute Mode, which will automatically turn off when the time has expired.

Trend Micro Mobile Security latest releases, v11.0 for Android and v8.0 for iOS, include the following improvements:

•   A Refreshed User Interface. The renewed Mobile Security Console on both platforms provides easier access to all familiar and new functions.

•   Security Report. The new Security Report provides a comprehensive Protection Summary for all protections over a span of 7, 14, or 30 days and notifies you when the report is ready.

•   Web Guard. Protects you from explicit or unwanted websites with Virtual Private Network (VPN) protection when you are using a mobile browser or apps that offer in-app browsing.

•   Pay Guard Mobile. Trend Micro Security for Android also adds Pay Guard Mobile, to protect your online transactions from data and identity theft when using mobile browsers or financial apps.

•   Fraud Buster. And Trend Micro Security for iOS adds Fraud Buster, to protect you from phishing scams through emails, instant messages, and images—blocking malicious links and websites.

Trend Micro Home Network Security (HNS) latest v2.0 release includes the following enhancements among its wide range of protections for all the connected devices on your home network:

•   Voice Control. In HNS version 2.0 you can now use Amazon Alexa voice control to execute commands through your Echo smart speaker to perform specific functions on Trend Micro Home Network Security.

•   Advanced Vulnerability Detection. In HNS version 2.0, the Device Scan has added a new Vulnerability Check which assesses connected devices for high-severity vulnerabilities that have been exploited in the wild. Once a vulnerability is detected, HNS provides users with guidance on how to mitigate the vulnerability.

•   Early Access Program. HNS users now have the opportunity to try the very latest in security and protection for their network and devices. The first batch of Early Access features include:

•   Router Access Protection. HNS helps prevent hackers from gaining control of your router and making changes to important settings that can leave your network and devices vulnerable. With Router Access Protection enabled, all attempts to login to your router will be blocked unless approved.

•   Ad Block. HNS helps you protect your family’s privacy by blocking ads on all devices. It also brings the added benefit of faster load times for some sites.

•   Cyberattack Shield. HNS will deploy real-time emergency security policy to your network from the cloud in case of a global threat outbreak to prevent further spreading of threats like ransomware and botnets.

Trend Micro ID Safe is also now available for Android and iOS. ID Safe checks if any of your personal information stolen from data breaches is circulating on the Dark Web for sale or distribution by cybercriminals. It identifies which accounts were breached and the kind of data posted, then notifies you, so you can take steps to change your account credentials or remediate any potential effects of the illegal distribution or sale of your personal data. With the highest security available via the SHA-256 hashing standard, your data is fully encrypted before any searches are conducted. ID Safe provides the following features:

•   Email Checker. See if the email address you use for online accounts has appeared on the Dark Web due to a data breach. If it finds your address, the app shows exactly which accounts suffered the breach, so you immediately know which passwords to change.

•   Credit Card Checker. Find out if someone has stolen your credit card number and put it on the Dark Web.

•   Password Checker. You should not only use unique passwords for all of your accounts, but also choose passwords that nobody else has ever used. ID Safe can see if you have used a password currently in circulation on the Dark Web.

•   Dark Web Personal Data Monitor. ID Safe can scour the Dark Web for sensitive personal like information your bank account numbers, driver’s license data, social security number, and passport details and then immediately alert you if they ever appear there.

Finally, Trend Micro WiFi Protection is also now available across all 4 platforms – WIN, Mac, Android and iOS. The solution provides:

•   A VPN for public WiFi hotspots, which encrypts all your device communications between you and the Internet. This prevents data theft and personal information leakage when using free Wi-Fi (public wireless LANs).

•    Web Threat Protection, which checks the URLs you visit while the VPN is active and blocks malicious websites that can infect your device or steal your data.

Visit our Trend Micro Security for Home website for more details, or view our playlists on Trend Micro YouTube to learn more about how Trend Micro security solutions work.