Trend Micro Fraud Buster

Easily avoid online scams and fraud

July 10, 2018

Getting an email or text message from a stranger always raises questions. Did someone send this to me by mistake? Do I need to answer? Is this some kind of fraud?

You can read this previous post for some basic tips to help with recognizing tax refund scams, but if you prefer to test if a specific message poses a threat, then you should try Trend Micro™ Fraud Buster now.

Introducing Fraud Buster

This free online service can quickly let you know if an email or text message intends to deceive you. Using advanced machine learning systems and Trend Micro’s extensive database, Fraud Buster gives definitive ratings to questionable messages.

How Fraud Buster Works

You can either forward a suspicious message to or fill out the form on the website.

Fraud Buster will rate the messages you share as High Scam Risk, Possible Scam, or Not a Scam and provide some simple advice. The results appear immediately if you use the website, or come back as a reply to a forwarded email message.

Have questions? Send them to