Are YOU a Security Risk?

Yes, you!

July 24, 2018

Ever wonder why online fraud never seems to stop? It might seem hard to believe, but you probably have become a key part of the problem. Attackers now look at people as the weakest link in computer security.

With 6 billion people predicted to get on the internet by 2022, criminals have more than enough targets to exploit.

Taxation with Misrepresentation

Scammers took advantage of tax season yet again this year as people rushed to file their returns on time. Last time around, the IRS stopped more than 700,000 returns tainted by identity theft, representing more than $4 billion in losses.

Trend Micro researchers have also shown how criminals tricked residents of the United States and Canada into opening and downloading banking malware sent via email.

Trust, but Verify

Installing the newest security apps on your computer and smartphone can help keep you safe from these attacks, but even the very best device protection cannot stop you from revealing secrets if you decide to trust the wrong stranger online. IRS scams depend on deliberate tactics of deception. Successful attempts at fraud always hinge on the victim blindly cooperating with the deceiver.

The next time a total stranger asks you to fill out an online form that requires your personal financial information, stop.

In fact, if you feel even the slightest doubt about a message from somebody you never met, let Trend Micro ™ Fraud Buster help make sure you can trust it before doing anything else.