Connected Threat Defense

Shield your organization from the latest threats and targeted attacks

Protection across the entire threat life cycle

In today’s complex threat landscape, organizations often use a variety of security products to protect against the onslaught of increasingly sophisticated attacks. But managing multiple security solutions can be a costly, time-consuming, and complicated task.  

Trend Micro Connected Threat Defense offers a 360-degree view of your organization’s networks, endpoints, and hybrid cloud environments. This layered approach ensures a better way to prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

Connected Threat Defense

Protection Quadrant

The Protection quadrant uses multiple protection techniques, including high-fidelity machine learning, anti-malware, behavior monitoring, intrusion prevention, whitelisting, application control, encryption, and data loss prevention to stop threats from entering your organization.

Detection Quadrant

When the Protection quadrant isn’t able to block all of the threats, the Detection quadrant kicks in to detect advanced malware, malicious behavior, and communications that are invisible to standard defenses.

This quadrant also detects zero-day threats, command and control (C&C) communications, lateral movement, and advanced persistent threats. With 360-degree monitoring of your network traffic, it scans more than 100 protocols.

Custom sandboxing provides an accurate analysis of suspicious items and puts them in a sandbox that mirrors your system configurations, giving you have the ability to quickly determine if applications are malicious and how they impact your system.

Response Quadrant

Once a threat has been detected, responding is the next critical step. This quadrant delivers real-time intelligence and security updates to the other security areas so they are armed with information to prevent future attacks.

Visibility and Investigation

With all these connected elements at work, you get a consolidated view of your networks, endpoints, and hybrid cloud environments. The integration between the quadrants provides the ability to share intelligence across all security layers. The result is simplified threat investigation and day-to-day security management through centralized control and reporting.

What customers say

Seneca College

“Trend Micro was the only vendor with a truly holistic solution – and they also delivered additional capabilities that would keep us ahead of new threats.” ...more

Joseph Lee,
Manager of Security and Compliance,
Seneca College

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Protect more

Protect more

Trend Micro Connected Threat Defense leverages the Trend Micro security solutions: User Protection, Network Defense, and Hybrid Cloud Security. These connected solutions, along with our global threat intelligence and centralized visibility and control, all work together and are powered by XGen™ security.