Remote Manager

Increase your profits by improving
your productivity


Trend Micro™ Remote Manager is a unique multi-tenant, cloud-based management console designed for Trend Micro channel partners and managed service providers (MS Ps). Free of charge for registered Trend Micro resellers, Remote Manager provides the ability to oversee a your entire Trend Micro SM B product portfolio for all of your customers from anywhere, anytime.

Whether you remotely monitor and manage traditional software installations, have moved to a cloud services model, or have a hybrid of both, Remote Manager provides you with a single pane of glass for all of your on-premises and cloud-based security solutions. Remote Manager gives you control of your Trend Micro customer installations, including an ata-glance security dashboard that shows the status of all your customer accounts in one view. With consolidated reporting of all customer usage across products and providing summary and bill reports, Remote Manager allows MS Ps like you to improve efficiency by completely automating monthly usage and reporting.

“Trend Micro Remote Manager helps us monitor all of our customers using a single console. So we can manage security at a lower cost. As far as I know, no one else offers a console with the same features as Remote Manager—this is another reason we are glad to partner with Trend Micro”

Kevin Royalty, Managing Partner, Total Care Computer Consulting

Key Benefits

Increase Profitability and Enhance Service Quality

Spend more time on high-value activities and less time on operational tasks

Improve Operational Efficiency

Reduce operational service effort of IT staff by using a single console to manage multiple customers

Deepen Security Insight

Analyze security issues through graphical reports and summary dashboard data

Key Features

  • Centrally manage multiple customers from a single web console
  • Centrally manage multiple products, both on-premises and cloud-based security solutions (Worry-Free™ Business Security Standard, Advanced, and Services and Hosted Email Security)
  • Combine it with the PSA platforms for increased productivity

                        1. ConnectWise
                        2. Kaseya
                        3. Autotask

  • Start using it immediately because Remote Manager

                        1. Is free of charge to registered resellers
                        2. Doesn’t require any hardware/infrastructure
                        3. Hosted by Trend Micro and available in the cloud

  • Auto-synchronize with Trend Micro’s License Management Platform

                        1. To eliminate manual process of linking all newly provisioned products
                        2. To save MS Ps time and money

  • Supports MS Ps that have a hybrid model to manage, monitor, bill and report usage of annuity services and traditional annual license customers from a single console
  • Generate raw license reports, allowing you to separate out recurring revenue customers from annual customers for easier reporting and billing

Trend Micro helps us as an MSP by integrating all the tools we need in one place.

Kevin Royalty, Managing Partner, Total Care Computer Consulting

Tool for Managed Service Providers

Remote Manager allows MS P partners to aggregate Trend Micro SM B customers into a central console, and acts as a conduit to your existing RMM (remote management and monitoring) tools and PSA (professional services automation) tools. Plus, Remote Manager gives your technical administrators single-sign-on access to Trend Micro SM B accounts, so they don’t have to juggle a lot of usernames and passwords.

Remote Manager helps grow your business

Use our FREE management console to control your SMB accounts and significantly increase your business more than resellers not using the tool.

Features How it helps expand business
Provides a single console to manage multiple customers and multiple products at any time Improves resource efficiency and allocation and allows you to spend more time on high-value projects, less time on low-level administrative tasks
Provides overall security dashboard for all Worry-Free Business Security and Hosted Email Security customers Identifies potential service opportunities and acceleratesresponse times to threats
Automatically generates customer operational reports Enhances service quality through in-depth analysis and proactive actions
Facilitates customized risk/assessment levels for different customers Allows you to define different levels of monitoring service for customer support options
Automatically submits event alerts from Remote Manager to ConnectWise, Kaseya, and Autotask ticketing systems Enables resellers to integrate security into the ConnectWise, Kaseya, and Autotask management consoles for easy, centralized monitoring and viewing
Auto-synchronization with Trend Micro License Management Platform Saves time and money by eliminating manual process of linking newly provisioned products
Combined license view Permits you to manage recurring customers and annual customers from a single console
Raw license reporting Allows you to separate out recurring customers from annual customers for easier reporting
Automatically calculates and submits usage data to the billing module in ConnectWise Allows you to streamline and automate monthly usage reporting directly into ConnectWise to facilitate automated billing to your customers and reporting your usage back to Trend Micro
ConnectWise Executive Summary Report Integration Provides statistical data from managed Trend Micro security solutions that can be automatically incorporated into monthly executive summary reports, which help demonstrate the value that you are providing your customers

How to get started

Still not a Trend Micro partner?

Click below to become a Managing Service provider with Trend Micro to take full advantage of Remote Manager.

System Requirements

  • Trend Micro™ Worry-free™ Business security services
  • Trend Micro™ Worry-free™ Business security advanced 5.0 or later
  • Trend Micro™ Worry-free™ Business security standard 5.0 or later
  • Trend Micro™ Hosted email security
  • at least 50mB of free disk space
  • active internet connection
  • microsoft™ internet explorer™ 6, SP1, SP2, and 7
  • no pop-up blockers
  • security level for trusted sites set to medium
  • trusted sites should include the Trend Micro Remote manager URL

Available in English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, and simplified Chinese. Both the user interface and reports are localized.


  • ConnectWise
  • Autotask