Google Cloud

We’re proud to be named the Google Cloud 2019 Technology Partner of the Year for Security winner, recognized for our innovative thinking, outstanding customer service, and best-in-class use of Google Cloud products and services.

Protect and demonstrate compliance for your Google cloud services.

Trend Cloud One has been tested and has API integration to discover and give you visibility as well as apply threat protection and detection policies to workloads running on the Google Cloud Platform. This integration helps enterprises confidently and securely embrace cloud computing, enhance their ability to comply with regulations, and meet the shared responsibility for security in the cloud.

Trend Cloud One works with Google cloud services including compute (GCE), containers (GCR), and Kubernetes (GKE). Tight integration with Google cloud makes your security efficient and elastic, so you get the full benefit of the cloud’s agility and cost savings.

Our partnership provides a complete stack

Our partnership provides a complete stack, including infrastructure and security integrated and tested together to help customers meet security and governance guidelines across cloud projects.


Trend Micro protects users of Google devices and business services

Trend Micro Mobile Security gives organizations visibility, control, and protection for their Android devices so users can be productive while staying safe. Trend Micro Cloud App Security provides a second layer of protection for email and file sharing services within Google G Suite. It protects organizations from phishing, ransomware, malware, and Business Email Compromise attacks.