Defend your AWS workloads

Deep Security™, powered by XGen™, offers complete cloud protection that scales seamlessly and helps you maintain continuous compliance. It's powerful security with pricing to match your elastic workloads.

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We make cloud security simple.



Deep Security provides a comprehensive suite of cloud security capabilities from a single agent. Our technology integrates seamlessly into your development process, helping you to easily scale security with your AWS workloads.




We are cloud security experts. In fact, Trend Micro has been an AWS Advanced Technology Partner from the start. We know what it takes to protect AWS workloads. Whether you’re heading to the cloud or already there, we can help you.




We believe in cloud-friendly pricing. Our hourly pricing options—6 cents (or less) per instance—let you align security and cloud costs. Or save when you prepay for protection hours. Either way, it’s your choice.


Cloud security is a shared responsibility. What’s your role?


AWS provides a secure cloud infrastructure.
But you need to protect what you put IN the cloud—your workloads.
That’s where Deep Security comes in. Deep Security’s host-based security provides:

  • Intrusion prevention (IPS)
  • Integrity monitoring
  • Firewall
  • Anti-malware
  • Log inspection
  • Content filtering

See how to get started with Deep Security on AWS in this step by step video.

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Trusted by top organizations around the world.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ protects more servers globally than anyone else.
Source: IDC Tech Spotlight: “Server Security: Virtualization & Cloud Changes Everything” January 2016

What our clients say:

With Deep Security, our security engineers can help DevOps teams respond to security events as they happen. JIm Hoover, VP, CISO Infor
We haven’t looked back since making the decision to go with Trend Micro. Brett Knuth, Security Manager Healthdirect Australia
Deep Security is an all-in-one, integrated solution which delivers true defense in depth. M. Takahara Lawson Inc.
Deep Security provides the majority of controls we need for compliance and risk mitigation in the cloud. William Crank, CISO MEDHOST
With AWS and Trend Micro, we are delivering a solution that is more secure than traditional platforms. Mauricio Fernandes, President Dedalus
With Deep Security, we don’t spend a lot of time using various monitoring tools or trying to integrate data. It’s seamless to provision and monitor. Gerry Miller, Founder and Chief Technologist Cloudticity

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