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School, Screens, and Shifting Classrooms

School, Screens, and Shifting Classrooms

As we continue to navigate life in a pandemic and the COVID-19 Delta variant winds its way through communities, we’re left to wonder how the academic year will truly take shape.  Many students have returned to classrooms only to see pediatric cases...

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Top Ten Social Media Safety Tips for the End of Summer

Top Ten Social Media Safety Tips for the End of Summer

While the COVID-19 pandemic drove us to spend more time on social media and summertime usually gives kids more free time to use screens, this summer may have been different, affording us opportunities to get out, go on vacation, and untether from...

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Let’s Talk TikTok Challenges

Let’s Talk TikTok Challenges

TikTok has been a source of refuge and fun for so many, both before but especially during the pandemic. Like YouTube, Instagram, and many apps before it, TikTok users are seeing a rise in “Challenges”; some are harmless, some are not. Whether...

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