Free Tech Tools

Trend Micro has a vision to make the world a safer place and in part of doing so we offer some free tech tools to help protect you and your family online.

Virus Scan — HouseCall™: Free Online Security Scan

HouseCall scans and detects for viruses, spyware, and malicious threats on your favorite devices and on your home Wi-Fi.

It will help you answer these questions:

  • Is there anything dangerous on my device(s)?
  • Is my home Wi-Fi and connected devices safe from hackers and malicious software?
  • Who has connected to my home Wi-Fi network?

HouseCall™ offers you two products for free:

HouseCall Free Online Security Scan

This scans your Windows & Mac computers to detect viruses, worms, spyware, and other malicious threats even if you are already using another antivirus software.

HouseCall for Home Networks

This scans your Wi-Fi network and all connected computers and devices; gives you a report and helpful advice for keeping your home network and devices secure.

Free Anti-spam Protection

Trend Micro Check Mobile

Block spam and scam text messages and phone calls.

  • AI-powered smart filter automatically blocks unwanted texts.
  • Lets you filter texts from certain senders or containing specific keywords.
  • Protects you from malicious links on all messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Tinder.
  • Alerts you whenever a telemarketer, robocaller, scammer, or spammer dials your number.
  • Keeps you safe from scams 24/7.

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Trend Micro Check Browser Security

Protect your web browser against online threats and block unwanted ads.

  • Advanced anti-scam technology defends against scams, phishing attacks, malware, and dangerous websites.
  • Blocks annoying online ads and stops third-party trackers from collecting your data.
  • Removes high-risk websites from your browsing history and malicious extensions.

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Free Site Safety Check

Site Safety Center

If you're unsure of a website, paste the website address into our Site Safety Center which will do a security check for you. It will tell you if it is safe or dangerous plus lots more.

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