Free Tech Tools

Trend Micro has a vision to make the world a safer place and in part of doing so we offer some free tech tools to help protect you and your family online.

Virus Scan — HouseCall™: Free Online Security Scan

HouseCall scans and detects for viruses, spyware, and malicious threats on your favorite devices and on your home Wi-Fi.

It will help you answer these questions:

  • Is there anything dangerous on my device(s)?
  • Is my home Wi-Fi and connected devices safe from hackers and malicious software?
  • Who has connected to my home Wi-Fi network?

HouseCall™ offers you two products for free:

HouseCall Free Online Security Scan

This scans your Windows & Mac computers to detect viruses, worms, spyware, and other malicious threats even if you are already using another antivirus software.

HouseCall for Home Networks

This scans your Wi-Fi network and all connected computers and devices; gives you a report and helpful advice for keeping your home network and devices secure.

Free Anti-spam Protection

Trend Micro Check Mobile

Block spam and scam text messages and phone calls.

  • AI-powered smart filter automatically blocks unwanted texts.
  • Lets you filter texts from certain senders or containing specific keywords.
  • Protects you from malicious links on all messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Telegram, and Tinder.
  • Alerts you whenever a telemarketer, robocaller, scammer, or spammer dials your number.
  • Keeps you safe from scams 24/7.

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Trend Micro Check Browser Security

Protect your web browser against online threats and block unwanted ads.

  • Advanced anti-scam technology defends against scams, phishing attacks, malware, and dangerous websites.
  • Blocks annoying online ads and stops third-party trackers from collecting your data.
  • Removes high-risk websites from your browsing history and malicious extensions.

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Free Site Safety Check

Site Safety Center

If you're unsure of a website, paste the website address into our Site Safety Center which will do a security check for you. It will tell you if it is safe or dangerous plus lots more.

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Trend Micro Family

Trend Micro Family is the only tool you need to keep your kids safe online 24/7 — complimentary to support families everywhere!

Key Features:

  • Real-time safe browser to keep your kids away from harmful content
  • Blurs inappropriate images and videos, blocks age-restricted videos and channels, and explicit or malicious websites
  • All-in-one parenting tool to aid you in discussing online safety topics with your kids
  • Industry first social media checker to optimize best security and privacy settings on social media accounts
  • Notifies you on what your kids are searching online, websites they visited, videos they watched, and more!

Available in iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac, and Windows.

Trend Micro Family comes in two apps

Trend Micro Family for Parents

Download and install Trend Micro Family for Parents app on your device and add your kids' devices.

Trend Micro Family for Kids

Download and install Trend Micro Family for Kids app on all the devices that your kids are using then pair the Kids app with the Parents app.