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For Kids

Get internet safety tips for kids from creating strong passwords to online privacy and safety.

The Internet Safety Series for Kids age 7-10

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Understand what a password is, why it’s important and learn 3 password skills to keep you safe and secure.

2-Factor Authentication

Understand Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and how it can protect your accounts online.


Understand what privacy online really means and learn 4 privacy skills to protect you and your information online.


Learn why and how to keep your information secure online; plus 6 ways to practice strong security skills.

Healthy Habits

Understand why it is important to have healthy habits when using the internet and learn 7 healthy habits.

NEW Episodes - Now Available

  • Camera Safety
  • Time Online
  • Kindness
  • Safety Settings
  • Misinformation

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What’s Your Story? Contest

What’s Your Story? is Trend Micro’s annual youth internet safety video and/or poster contest. Established in 2011 in the USA, What’s your Story? is now hosted in more than 9 countries around the world.

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