Detection and response across email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks

Beyond the
single vector

Connecting email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks provides a broader perspective and a better context to hunt, detect, and contain threats.


Powerful security analytics correlate data across the customer environment and Trend Micro’s global threat intelligence to deliver fewer, higher-confidence alerts, leading to better, earlier detection.

Integrated investigation and response

One place for investigation simplifies the steps to achieving an attack-centric view of an entire chain of events across security layers with the ability to take response actions from a single place.

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Trend Micro™ XDR collects and correlates deep activity data across multiple vectors - email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks - enabling a level of detection and investigation that is difficult or impossible to achieve with SIEM or individual point solutions.

With a combined context, events that seem benign on their own suddenly become meaningful indicators of compromise, and you can quickly contain the impact, minimizing the severity and scope.

XDR provides a SIEM connector to forward alerts. By correlating events from Trend Micro products, fewer, higher-confidence alerts are sent, reducing the triage effort required by security analysts. Upon clicking on a SIEM alert, an analyst can access the XDR investigation workbench to get further visibility, conduct deeper analysis, and take necessary action.

XDR gets to the heart of what’s important.

Find incidents earlier with correlated detections and built-in threat intelligence

Trend Micro XDR applies effective expert analytics to the activity data collected from its native products in the environment to produce correlated, actionable alerts. Global threat intelligence from the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network™ combined with continuously updated expert detection rules maximizes the power of analytical models in unparalleled ways.

New rules and detection models are pushed out regularly, optimizing the ability to look for different behaviors across security layers to identify complex attacks. XDR’s cloud analytics can consider activities like PowerShell that would not necessarily generate an alert or a SIEM log but can be used to correlate with other activities to better identify if an activity is, in fact, malicious.

XDR breaks down the silos of detection.

Investigate more thoroughly and respond faster with integrated workflows

Simplifying and accelerating threat detection and response reduces the constraints on SOC and IT security teams and empowers them with:

One place for investigation to achieve an attack-centric view of an entire chain of events across security layers

The power to run a root cause analysis, look at the execution profile of an attack (including associated MITRE ATT&CK TTPs), and identify the scope of impact across assets

The ability to take immediate response and track actions from a single place

Single Platform Display XDR

Purpose-built to work across multiple security layers

While adopting XDR capabilities for a single security layer offers great value, you can maximize effectiveness by leveraging the platform across multiple vectors for a single source of detection and response.

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With the purchase of Apex One, customers can automatically add advanced detection and investigation capabilities for 10% of their licensed users. Monitor those most at risk, and improve detection and response for your organization.

Augment internal teams with Trend Micro Managed XDR

Leverage the resources and expertise of our team of security experts skilled in identifying and investigating advanced threats through Trend Micro Managed XDR. Standard or advanced managed detection and response services (MDR) are offered for one or more Trend Micro security layers.

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How our customers realize the value of connecting security layers

“It is easier for my team to explain the attack and go through the sequence of events; it’s like reading a book. Easier to digest.”

Frank Bunton, CISO

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“We have several Trend Micro solutions. The fact that they are integrated assures us that the whole environment is secure and that the tools will act cohesively in the face of threats. Trend Micro improved our incident response by 90 percent.”

Claudia Anania, CIO, Unigel

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“With Trend Micro, the way the products work together, the incidents are easy to track. I have complete visibility of what’s going on, where the threat has started, how to track it, and how to fix issues.”

Tareq Allan, CISO, DHR Health

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