* indicates a new version of an existing rule

Deep Packet Inspection Rules:

Mail Server Common
1010145 - OpenBSD OpenSMTPD Remote Command Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2020-7247)

OpenSSL Client
1006920* - OpenSSL Client X509_cmp_time Denial Of Service Vulnerability (CVE-2015-1789)

Web Application Common
1010143* - Microsoft Office SharePoint XSS Vulnerability (CVE-2019-1070)
1010126* - SolarWinds Serv-U FTP Server Web UI Stored Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (CVE-2019-13182)

Web Client HTTPS
1010132* - Microsoft Windows CryptoAPI Spoofing Vulnerability (CVE-2020-0601) - 1

Web Client Internet Explorer/Edge
1010133* - Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerability (CVE-2020-0674)

Web Server Common
1010135 - ELOG Project ELOG Information Disclosure Vulnerability (CVE-2019-3993)
1010128 - IBM Bigfix Platform Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability (CVE-2019-4013)

Zoho ManageEngine
1010109* - Zoho ManageEngine Applications Manager MASRequestProcessor 'serverID' SQL Injection Vulnerability

Integrity Monitoring Rules:

There are no new or updated Integrity Monitoring Rules in this Security Update.

Log Inspection Rules:

1010141 - Microsoft Windows - Export Certificate and Private Key