Cryptojacking Gaining Traction as Starbucks and Streaming Users Targeted

International coffee chain Starbucks confirmed that customers at their Buenos Aires stores were unintentionally used for cryptocurrency-mining. Apparently, the WiFi network on the affected sites was modified to embed a CoinHive miner on pages loaded via the in-store WiFi. Thanks to this modification, the devices of users who connected to the network were used to mine the Monero cryptocurrency without their knowledge.

After being called out on Twitter by Noah Dinkin, an executive from a New York-based tech company, Starbucks responded that it swiftly handled the situation. 

tweet starbucks

Figure 1. Dinkin highlighting the problem on Twitter

Because the value of cryptocurrency continues to rise, and the resources needed to mine are also skyrocketing, cybercriminals and even a few legitimate businesses are looking for different ways to profit from mining. Some popular sites are asking for a trade-off—instead of being bombarded with ads, a user can donate processing power to be used for mining.

Upstanding sites explicitly tell their users about their cryptocurrency mining intentions, but others do not. According to a report published by AdGuard researchers, nearly one billion visitors to streaming sites have been used for secret cryptocurrency mining activities, a practice they dubbed as “cryptojacking”. They also listed several popular streaming sites and online video-converter sites that mine through their users. The script for the miners is embedded where users might spend a lot of time, like lengthy videos. The researchers note that not all the owners might be aware of the mining script embedded in their sites.

There are specific antivirus or ad-blocking extensions capable of blocking these scripts, but unless a user has these enabled, then they might be unaware that their processing power is being used to mine cryptocurrency for whoever placed the scripts into sites they visit. The researchers note that there is already a project in the works called CoinHive Stratum Proxy, which shows how cryptojackers can circumvent ad blockers. Although the effects of cryptojacking may not be noticeable, users should be wary of this and other threats that use their resources.

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