5 Most Popular Online Shopping Items for Cybercriminals

online shopping threatsImage source: “Online Shopping with Touchscreen Ultrabook “by IntelFreePress ,used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license

Looking to get your shopping done online? Before you fire up your browsers, check out what kinds of items have the most number of web threats tailored to take advantage of them.

By searching for the most popular items found on wishlists in popular shopping websites, cross-checking them with lists from big store chains, and running them through our own Smart Protection Network™, we were able to pin down just how many web threats a user can potentially encounter when searching for them online.

1. Tablets and Smartphones

Starting things off with the most popular item to buy online - a mobile device. Yes, smartphones and tablets are the most popular this season, and it’s no surprise cybercriminals are just flooding the internet with threats tailored to target those who look for them.

2. Toys

Image source: “Childrens toy display in The House of Fraser” by Elliot Brown, used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license

The runner up for the most popular item of all, toys! Cybercriminals know that a lot of parents will be shelling out cash for these items, and they’re looking to get their cut. They have the second most number of web threats attached to their search engine results.

3. DSLR Cameras

Image source: flomar / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

Already an expensive item to be sure, cybercriminals still recognize how popular the DSLR camera is , and how many are looking to purchase such gadgets. They rank third in how many web threats you can find while looking for them!

4. Music Store Cards

Image source: Screenshot of an iTunes phishing site by TrendLabs

Who loves music? A lot of people. And cybercriminals know that people will be shopping for music store cards. From our analysis, they had the fourth most number of web threats.

5. Video Games

Image Source: “Social Media apps” Jason Howie, used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license

And last but not least, video games! With the entire world waiting for the release of two new consoles (the Sony PlayStation™ 4 and the Microsoft Xbox™ One), video games could be a risky item to search for. They had the fifth most number of potential web threats a user may encounter upon searching for them.

Web threats are bad news, especially for online shoppers. They come in the form of malicious websites that try and steal your personal information, like your banking account details! Check out our relevant e-guides for more information on how to prevent them.

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