Play as the Company CIO in this Targeted Attack Game

You never expect the worst to happen until it happens to you. For an organization that lacks preparation, a targeted attack that catches you off-guard can be disastrous. We saw this happen to a number of large companies in 2014, the year of mega breaches.

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Now that company operations are online, sensitive information is potentially placed within malicious actors’ reach. Organizations in the business of keeping tons of sensitive customer data, those who maintain industrial systems, those who offering hardware and software services, and other digitized services need to establish a strong mindset and set of security protocols to prevent breaches and targeted attacks.

When organizations get breached, they stand to lose a considerable amount of resources. Their reputation also suffers. In 2014, an estimated 145 million people were affected in the Sony breach, one of the biggest publicized mega breaches to date. 

The question now is, if you were in a position where the security of your company's information depended on your decisions, can you be trusted to make the right choices?

To help develop the mindset that a real-world, discerning top company executive needs to address targeted attacks, we created a game that simulates the many challenges of protecting company information. Will you pass this targeted attack test? Play the game! 

[Play the Game: Will You Make the Right Decision?]

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