Machine Learning

Intercept a broad range of new threats with fast, powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence 

Better detection, faster response, and more effective protection

Committed to protecting you from the latest threats and future attacks for over 33 years, we continue to lead in innovating new technologies, focusing on advanced ones, like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) over 15 years ago for detection and response to sophisticated threats.

With unparalleled experience and broad use of AI/ML across our threat defense platform and internal business operations, Trend Micro delivers better detection, faster response, and more effective protection. 

Holistic, multi-layered defense

Using multiple forms of AI/ML since 2005 and utilizing it in over 30 different ways across our solutions, we deliver:

  • Detection of nearly all new malware without the need for updates
  • Real time, zero-hour detection of new and emerging threats
  • Reduced need for timely updates
  • Protection against the broad range of threats including spam, ransomware, exploits, and targeted attacks
  • Pre-execution, run-time machine learning techniques, and noise cancellation for minimizing false positives
  • Extended XDR capabilities, which identify anomalies across multiple solutions
  • Analytics engine building risk-based decisions for zero-trust implementations

What is machine learning?