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The Changing Cyber Security Landscape And Risk
With a hybrid working world comes more cyber security risks and a more complex attack surface for MSPs to manage. This risk is derived from many factors including: exponential growth in connected devices, supply chain visibility and risk via third party suppliers & continuing global skills shortage

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Risk Management & Attack Surface

We examine the evolution of modern ransomware which has led to increased sophistication and new attack vectors. We are seeing an ever expanding attack surface, a more fragmented workforce distribution, accelerated cloud migration and mass digital transformation which leads to more devices connecting to the network and thus a lack of visibility.

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Risk Management and Attack Surface
As organisations are becoming more reliant on their IT, their number of exploitable assets is growing. As an MSP, it is your responsibility to understand how best to manage and mitigate risks across your clients’ attack surfaces.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, cybercrime has increased by 600%, with 66% of all small businesses suffering an attack in the last year.

As a SaaS Reseller and/or MSP, you need to ensure that you have a comprehensive and robust cyber security offering that will provide your customers with an effective defence against existing and emerging cyber threats.

On this site, you can watch on-demand episodes of our Let's Talk SAAS & MSP series and download our latest eBooks and infographics which give valuable insights ensuring your security offering delivers a comprehensive defence.

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Let's Talk Saas & MSP - Vendor Selection

Many partners look to the analyst community to help them decide which vendors they should work with. One of the leading analyst organisations when it comes to the channel is Canalys. The Canalys Channel Leadership Matrix assesses vendor performance and following the publication of their recent results, Trend Micro achieved the Top Right position in this Matrix in 2022. Find out more about this report and why these assessments are key in determining which vendor you should work with

Let's Talk Saas & MSP - Large Barriers to Entry

As cyber threats have continued to evolve, security has become a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. The security solutions you use will directly impact the services you deliver to your customers, so it is essential that you thoroughly evaluate each potential cyber security vendor.

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Large Barriers to Entry
How to evaluate the effectiveness of your current or future vendor’s cyber security stack

Let's Talk Saas & MSP - How Trend Solutions Help With Declining Margins On IT Support

As the need for traditional IT Support declines, in order to differentiate as an MSP you must adopt a proactive service model. In order to stand out from a truly crowded marketplace, understanding the needs of your customer base is crucially important. To demonstrate true proactivity it is essential that you consistently monitor and manage your clients IT infrastructure and establish effective cyber security processes and procedures

Let's Talk Saas & MSP - H1 Mid-Season Recap

In our latest broadcast, we take a look back at the first half of 2022 and the key topics and learnings from the first six months of the year. We look at the changing security landscape and how the evolution of cyber threats is leading to a shift in thinking when delivering a comprehensive security defence. We examine how an effective sales method, in highlighting specific new threats, is crucial for small and medium-sized businesses. Finally we teach you how to unlock the profitable potential of your cyber security services - by highlighting industry tips and tricks to enhance your sales strategy and take your business to the next level.

Let's Talk Saas & MSP - Declining Margins on IT Support 

In our latest episode of our Let's Talk SaaS & MSP series, we highlight the declining IT margins on IT support and how to combat this decline.

As the need for traditional IT support declines, in order to differentiate your MSP offering, you must adopt a proactive service model. One of the most effective ways to do this is by becoming a Managed Security Services Provider, or MSSP.

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Say goodbye to traditional IT support
To remain competitive, it's essential to expand your security offering

Declining margins on IT support
Combat declining margins on IT support services by becoming a specialist MSSP

Let's Talk Saas & MSP - Refining Your Cyber Security Sales Approach

In our latest broadcast, we highlight the value of your cyber security solutions to both prospects and clients. Find out how to demonstrate the importance of cyber security, how to upsell and cross-sell to existing clients and also how to target new prospects and sell solutions. It’s time to start unlocking the profitable potential of your cyber security services. Discover industry tips and tricks to enhance your sales strategy and take your business to the next level.

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Refining Your Cyber Security Sales Approach
In our latest infographic, we look at how to align your security sales efforts with your business growth targets.

Much like their clients, MSPs strive for meaningful business growth. Yet with sales and marketing becoming increasingly competitive, and many modern enterprises expecting cyber security as standard, how does the modern MSP raise knowledge and demand for cyber security solutions?

Cyber Security threats are rising and so is the demand for cyber protection. Your customers expect Cyber Security as standard - yet increased demand is driving increased security costs. How do you demonstrate the need for advanced security – and the value of the Return on Investment? Well the solutions lie here.

How to align your security sales efforts with your business growth targets
Every business strives to achieve growth, and MSPs are no exception. It is no secret that higher sales margins result in faster, greater organisational growth.

Unfortunately, for many MSPs, sales and marketing can become something of a sticking point.

Your company is made up of IT specialists delivering innovative technical services. However, without effective sales and marketing strategies in place, your prospects will never be properly informed of the value you can bring them or convert into loyal customers.

In this guide, we will explore new ways to enhance your cyber security sales process. By educating you on tried and tested industry sales techniques, we will help you to expand your client base and increase the revenue collected from your existing pool of customers.

Let's Talk Saas & MSP - Migrating to Trend Micro has never been so easy

We explore how your cyber security vendor plays a crucial role in communicating value to your customers and end-users. This is especially important in the world of Saas and MSP.

The dependability and trust you have in the features and functionalities of the security solutions you resell and use, give you the confidence to manage your customers. It helps you to outline where they need to invest to protect themselves against the threats that endanger their businesses everyday.

Let's Talk Saas & MSP - End Users Are Not Willing To Pay More

We challenge the assumption that end-users are not willing to pay more and how we must communicate the value of our security offering. We will share 9 questions you can ask your customers and are joined by our friends at Canalys to explore the traits of a successful services and SaaS partner.

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Transforming your Cyber Security Sales Strategy
The cyber security landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, with new and more sophisticated threats continually emerging.

As your client base is likely to be made up of small and medium-sized businesses, an effective sales method is highlighting specific threats facing them.

In our latest Infographic, we look at two potential cyber security sales methods. Firstly we look at selling to existing clients and then secondly we examine the tactics for engaging new prospects.

How to transform your Cyber Security Sales Strategy
In this eBook, we explore how to demonstrate the value of cyber security in the modern IT landscape, and the various methods by which to sell protective solutions to end users. We will teach you how best to express the very real advantages of managed cyber security services to your customers and thereby transform your MSP’s sales pitch.

Let's Talk Saas & MSP - The Changing Security Landscape Broadcast 1

Let's Talk Saas & MSP - The Changing Security Landscape Broadcast 2

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The Changing Cyber Security Landscape
Following on from broadcast 1, The Changing Cyber Security Landscape, this eBook thoroughly covers the key topics and points discussed. As cyber threats continue to evolve, these learnings will help to ensure your MSP’s security offering delivers a comprehensive defence.

The Changing Cyber Security Landscape
The cyber security landscape is always evolving. As an MSP, you need to prepare an effective defence to protect your customers. By looking back at the cyber threats of 2021, and ahead to those of 2022, we will help you, the MSP, to deliver the strongest possible cyber security services. In our latest Infographic, we look at the Effect of COVID-19 on Cyber Crime