Internet of Things

Routers are the gateways to all internet-connected devices in homes. They could also be potentially welcoming a bevy of home network threats risking users’ information and security. Here we review the most noteworthy home network security events of 2017.
Western European, UK, French, German, and US cities exposed. Are your connected devices searchable on the internet? Find out what you are risking.
Intelligent Transportation Systems are comprised of a huge ecosystem of networks and technologies designed to regulate, direct, and control traffic. Find out what it takes to secure them against cyberattacks.
Intelligent Transportation Systems are slowly being adopted all over the world. Securing the future of transportation from cyberattacks should be a top priority.
Cities around the world are getting smarter, but are they being designed with security in mind?
The results of a security preparedness survey reveal that more than half of organizations aren't ready to defend against online extortion and data breaches.
Senior threat researcher Rainier Link talks about smart car security, the role of car manufacturers in securing vehicle systems, and security as a top consideration when creating new tech.
Part 3 of the FuTuRology project speculates on future healthcare tech that could provide opportunities for attackers and threats to healthcare users.
In this second post in the “FuTuRology” project, the Trend Micro Forward-Looking Threat Research (FTR) team predicts the future of wearables and the healthcare industry.
In this time of rampant data breaches and information theft, Trend Micro CTO Raimund Genes shares his ideas on how companies can better and more responsibly treat their users’ data.
Researchers found US-based traffic systems vulnerable to data spoofing attacks, where smart intersections are tricked into indirectly causing traffic slowdowns.
It wouldn’t be Black Hat if the conference didn’t have demonstrations that show how some technologies can be improved. This year, a lot of topics covered the IoT, as well as drones, drones, and more drones.