New Jigsaw Ransomware Variant Demands US$5,000 in Bitcoins

A new variant of the Jigsaw crypto-ransomware (detected by Trend Micro as RANSOM_JIGSAW.F116FN) with an Anonymous-themed background was found. Unlike the original, which asked for a ransom of around US$150, this variant encrypts data, appends the “.epic” extension, and demands $5,000 in bitcoins in order to decrypt the files. Interestingly, the ransom message also displays a routine that supposedly includes collecting the victim's credentials and email/messenger history, and threatens to send a copy to "all" the victim's contacts, but the capability has not been verified and is most likely part of its scare tactics.

Jigsaw variant ransom note, via BleepingComputer

Another Jigsaw variant was previously seen using live public chat platforms to allow victims to negotiate ransom attempts with the operator. Interestingly, the corresponding cybercriminal does not actually know when the user was infected, as the “timer” is only based on the cookie set on the affected device. If the cookie is deleted, the countdown resets to 24 hours, causing the cybercriminal to rely on the victim’s honesty when it comes to the amount to be paid.

The crypto-ransomware Jigsaw (detected by Trend Micro as RANSOM_JIGSAW.A) was first discovered in April 2016. Themed from the Saw horror movie franchise, Jigsaw plays with users by not only locking their files, but by deleting them incrementally every hour or when the program is restarted—instilling fear and paranoia to scare the victim into paying. Over time, the delay of payment will cause more than one file to be deleted every hour.

Based on further analysis, Jigsaw arrives as a file downloader from “.1fichier[.]com”, a service that had previously hosted other malware like the information stealer FAREIT, as well as COINSTEALER, which gathers bitcoins. As soon as the crypto-ransomware has been executed, an image of Billy (from the movie) is displayed along with the ransom note written in English or Portuguese. The note threatens to increase the ransom fee exponentially over time, besides deleting a larger amount of files permanently every hour of non-payment. The tactic is designed to increase the pressure for users to pay the ransom so they may rescue their remaining files or avoid paying a larger ransom. The least amount the user can pay is $20-$150.

What makes Jigsaw a little bit different from other ransomware is its routine. It creates a copy of the entire user’s files, encrypts them into “.fun”, “.kkk”, “.gws”, and “.btc” files and deletes the original. Though Jigsaw is in fact, scary, its structure remains very simple with no new capabilities and mainly relies on scare tactics to coerce users into paying the ransom.

Through further analysis, some porn sites were also used as infection vectors apart from adware. While the Billy image was not used, a very explicit alternate version of Jigsaw used shame as an extortion tactic as it displays adult images along with a message that says “You are a porn addict. Stop watching so much porn. Now you have to pay”. The ransom details are the same as the previous version with the Billy image.

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